Chargifi powers your hotel. guests. coffee shop. theater. employees. stadium. vacation. store. office. airport. visitors. bar. shopping mall. fans. cafe. resort. train station. customers. restaurant. clients.

Intelligent Wireless Charging, keeping you and your users connected.


The power of Chargifi


Cloud Management
Enterprise management for large scale wireless deployments.


Install Seamlessly
Our software ensures every integration goes exactly as planned.

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Self Healing
Maximize reliability and reduce expensive servicing cost.


Deploy and Forget
Real-time alerts ensure you detect problems before your clients do.

  Track Duration and Recurrence   of Customer Visits

Powerful Analytics
Tap into Chargifi insights to boost your business.


User Insights
Actionable insights about how users are engaging with your locations.

Technology Partners

The products and services from Chargifi represent a key building block in the Wireless Charging ecosystem that help solve problems for consumers and public infrastructure partners.

Sanjay Vora,
VP & GM of User Experience


Chargifi is doing for power what WiFi did for connectivity. With Chargifi, wireless power finally has the ability to scale in public places.

Michael Rava,


Chargifi collects cloud-based data on Wireless Charging habits, allowing you to better understand customers in each of your venues and optimize your premises.

Magali Hodgson,
Innovation Manager

We partner with leading brands


Unlock the Potential of
Wireless Charging.

By 2020 there will be more than 6 billion smartphone users. People need power, and meeting their needs provides a substantial commercial opportunity for businesses around the world. Ready to unlock the potential of Wireless Charging?


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