Chargifi powers your visitors. guests. coffee shop. theater. employees. stadium. vacation. store. office. airport. visitors. bar. shopping mall. fans. cafe. resort. train station. customers. restaurant. clients.

Chargifi brings intelligent, wireless power to public venues like coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, sporting arenas, offices, transit hubs – anywhere you can think of.


Unlock the potential of
wireless charging.

There are more than 9 billion mobile phones and tablets worldwide. People need power, and meeting their needs provides a substantial commercial opportunity for businesses around the world. Ready to unlock the potential of wireless charging?


Let us help you.


Easy Integration

A turn-key wireless
charging solution. 

Gain Repeat Customers

Keep customers happy and loyal.


Drive Foot Traffic

Fulfill a big customer need.


Engage Mobile Users

Another opportunity to connect with your customer.

Track Duration and Recurrence of Customer Visits

Analyze Customer Behavior

Track duration and recurrence of customer visits.


Set and Forget

Our solution is managed and maintained remotely.


The products and services from Chargifi represent a key building block in the wireless charging ecosystem that help solve problems for consumers and public infrastructure partners.

Sanjay Vora,
VP & GM of User Experience


Customers are choosing to stop by one of our coffee chain customers later in the day, normally a quieter time, because of the availability of Chargifi.

Alberto Furger,
Board Director


Chargifi collects cloud-based data on charging habits, allowing you to better understand customers in each of your venues and optimize your premises.

Magali Hodgson,
Innovation Manager

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