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Demand for wireless charging

Four billion wirelessly charging enabled phones will be in circulation by 2023, which means by 2025 there will be more wireless charging devices than people on the planet. This growth is being fuelled by smartphone leaders committing to a wireless future by adopting wireless charging across their portfolio. Today we rely on our phones in almost every aspect of life; to stay in touch, to get around, for faster payments, and to stay productive – but without power none of this happens. 73% of people experience battery anxiety up to 3 times a day, and is a huge opportunity provide power when and where it’s needed. Chargifi is doing for power what Wi-Fi did for connectivity, by providing smart convenient power across workplaces.



Foundation to safe, touchless experiences

Our customers choose Chargifi because they want convenient, safe and reliable power in their spaces. This helps them differentiate on workplace experience. We provide cloud-managed “Wireless Charging as a Service” so everything just works – from deployment to through to convenient power. Our solutions are future proofed and integrate into existing technologies for data insights and seamless, touchless experiences. Our customers understand the importance of easy cloud management, space and usage analytics and connected experiences knowing it provides the foundation to great experience.

Power to the people, real returns for business

Convenient access to power

Enterprise-grade wireless charging keeps employees productive and attracts customers to stay longer.

Easy deployment

Masters of deploying end-to-end wireless charging solutions.

Designed for you

Multiple deployment options and fully customizable branding.

Complete peace of mind

Complete peace of mind with cloud monitoring, cloud management, and over-the-air fixes.

Get to know your audiences

Actionable insights on user behavior, analytics, and space utilization.

Connected experiences

IoT Chargifi Spots connect into third-party systems to trigger smart and seamless experiences.

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Wireless charging integrated into your world

Touchless check-in to shared spaces

Touchless quick-start video conferencing

Locate and navigate in your spaces

Engage with Workplace location-based services

Get to know your audiences

Targeted advertising

Send notifications to existing apps

Personalized experiences

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What our customers say…

“The products and services from Chargifi represent a key building block in the Wireless Charging ecosystem that help solve problems for consumers and public infrastructure partners.”

Sanjay Vora, Intel

VP & GM of User Experience

“We know convenient wireless power and staying connected is critical to customer. Our goal is to ensure our busy guests have both their business and leisure needs catered for and we see Chargifi as a fantastic addition to our offering.”

John Schafer, Grand Hyatt

Area Vice President and General Manager

“Today’s enterprises are demanding more connectivity, and power is central to that experience. I am most excited in the strategic partnership that will enable us to bring its wireless power technology to our global customer base.”

Vishal Lall, HPE

SVP Strategy and Ventures

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