Chargifi powers your hotel. stadium. office. coffee shop. bar. airport. enterprise. meeting room. restaurant.

Smart Wireless Charging, keeping you and your customers connected. Power, Insight and Engagement for business.


The power of Chargifi

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Commercial Grade Hardware

Reliable, fast, high quality wireless chargers

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Smart IoT Cloud Management Platform

Take care of mass-deployed wireless power for maximum uptime

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Peace of mind with real-time alerts

Detect and resolve issues over-the-air, optimise reliability and reduce costs

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Seamless expert Installation

Customized branding, installed by expert partners

Track Duration and Recurrence of Customer Visits

Powerful Analytics

User behavior insights that boost satisfaction and revenue

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Boost customer experience

Blend customer behavior data, create customized experiences

Global, Trusted, Proven Partnerships

From world-class distribution to the best managed service providers to the brightest system integrators, Chargifi’s ecosystem ensures you can get wireless charging mass-deployed, managed and monetized across your business.


Unlock the Potential of
Wireless Charging.

By 2020 there will be more than 6 billion smartphone users, and with all of the top Smartphone manufacturers now adopting Wireless Charging functionality into their top and mid-range smartphones, there is huge demand for the convenience of Wireless Power when away from home.

People need power, and meeting their needs provides a substantial commercial opportunity for businesses around the world.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of Wireless Charging?


Our global customers are leading the way by deploying Chargifi

The products and services from Chargifi represent a key building block in the Wireless Charging ecosystem that help solve problems for consumers and public infrastructure partners.

Sanjay Vora,
VP & GM of User Experience
We know convenient wireless power and staying connected is critical to customer experience. Our goal is to ensure our busy guests have both their business and leisure needs catered for and we see Chargifi as a fantastic addition to our offering.

John Schafer, Area Vice President and General Manager
Today’s enterprises are demanding more connectivity, and power is central to that experience. I am most excited in the strategic partnership that will enable us to bring its wireless power technology to our global customer base.

Vishal Lall, SVP Strategy and Ventures

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