The Beginning

About Chargifi

Chargifi was born as a result of Dan Bladen, Chargifi’s CEO and Co-Founder, spending six months traveling around the world in 2012.

“I realised that we made strategic decisions about the venues we visited because of the availability of power sockets, so we could recharge and reconnect with friends and family back home. If we had gone traveling in 2006, we would have a connection problem: WiFi wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is today. Now, the problem is power – simply staying charged.”
Dan Bladen, CEO and Co-Founder at Chargifi

Chargifi is leading the way in smart, cloud connected, wireless charging for business. We deliver a market-leading cloud management platform that enables the mass deployment of wireless charging; our patented solution turns wireless power into a service that adds real value for business and provides a unique value exchange opportunity for a true customer centric-experience. Chargifi is now deployed by over 90 organisations in 21 countries. Chargifi works with all types of Wireless Charging, and we are industry-leading members of both the Wireless Power Consortium and the AirFuel Alliance.

As the majority of smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Google and Samsung have committed to the Qi standard, wireless charging is now available in the majority of  top tier and mid range handsets available across the globe. Consumers now want to use this feature to charge conveniently so they can stay connected whilst on the move. To match this demand, smart wireless charging is now being mass deployed, and seamlessly integrated into businesses, public venues and workplaces as standard, and it will not be long before it becomes as ubiquitous as WiFi.

“Wireless power is now doing for power what WiFi did for connectivity, cutting the final cord and enabling true mobility in the connected world.”

Chargifi is backed by leading investors including Intel Capital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Accelerated Digital Ventures, firstminute capital and Manta Ray. And has strategic partnerships with world renowned electronics companies including Belkin, strengthening their B2B offering for mass-deployments in commercial settings. The Chargifi technology platform provides managed service providers and systems integrators with the tools that enable them to provide and deploy wireless charging (as a service) at scale.

At the start of 2019, Chargifi announced some significant senior additions to the leadership team, most notably the appointment of Keerti Melkote - co-founder and president of Aruba networks, and the man who bought convenient WiFi to the world - as Chairman of the Chargifi Board. Additional senior executives have also been appointed with James McNiven, formerly General Manager at Arm and now COO of Chargifi, and Ciaran Bradley, formerly CTO of Adaptive Mobile, leading the product and engineering team as CTO.  In addition, the Vice President of Autonomous Vehicle Programs at Lyft, Nadeem Sheikh, joins as a strategic advisor where his highly acclaimed track record and experience will inform our ambitious plans for the future.

It doesn't stop with phones. Chargifi are going to take wireless power way beyond consumer electronics. Smart wireless charging will be fundamental to the infrastructure of smart cities, where electric vehicles, drones and robots will become autonomous and where smart wireless charging will provide power and network connectivity for better efficiency and power delivery. We believe the world is going electric and electric is going wireless.

Our Team

Max Ailloud - Wireless-Charging-Chargifi

Max Ailloud
Software Engineering


Helen Attia


Dan Bladen
Co-Founder + CEO


Ciaran Bradley
  Product 🇮🇪

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Chris Braniff

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Michael Brewer
Proof of Concept

Jordan de Laune - Chargifi Wireless Charging.jpg

Jordan de Laune
Software Engineering


Charlie Cannell


Alicia Heddon

Natalie Chan - Chargifi Wireless Charging

Natalie Chan
🇭🇰 🇨🇦


Anthony Fulgoni
       Channel Sales         🇬🇧

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Josiah Haddleton

Peter Wallace - Chargifi Wireless Charging.jpg

Peter Wallace

James McNiven
Operations 🇬🇧


Paul Squires
Hospitality Lead 🇬🇧

Michael Mazzitelli
Inside Sales

Evangelia Vasilas

Zaid Daba'een - Chargifi Wireless Charging

Zaid Daba'een
Software Engineering


Irvin Gray
          Marketing           🇬🇧

Frank Raimondi photo 8-16.jpg

Frank Raimondi
Channel Sales

Tanneke Palte
Inside Sales

Danese Head Shot  - October 2018 1.jpg

Robert Danese
Channel Sales


Kaja Gjessing-Baker
Partner Enablement
🇺🇸 🇳🇴


Jono van Deventer

Gareth Boyd
Inside Sales

Board of Directors


Keerti Melkote Non-Executive


Camilla Mazzolini 
Board Observer (firstminute capital)


Eze Vidra
Non-Executive Director


Reem Wyndham Board Observer (ADV)

ADVPortraitsFinals-4498 (7).jpg

Michael Dimelow
Non-Executive Director

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.31.08 PM.png

    Pablo Mesples    Board Observer
(Intel Capital)


Abhishek Shukla
Board Observer (HPE)


mark whitby chargifi.png

Mark Whitby
Sales/Channel Advisor


Nadeem Sheikh Strategic Advisor


Our Investors