Our Story

Chargifi was born as a result of spending six months traveling around the world in late 2012. I realised that we made strategic decisions about the venues we visited because of the availability of power sockets, so we could recharge and reconnect with friends and family back home. If we had gone traveling in 2006, we would have a connection problem: WiFi wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is today. Now, the problem is power – simply staying charged.

Dan Bladen

Chargifi works with all types of Wireless Charging, and we are industry-leading members of both the Wireless Power Consortium and the AirFuel Alliance.

Our Team

Dan Bladen - Chargifi Wireless Charging.jpg

Dan Bladen
Co-Founder + CEO

Peter Wallace - Chargifi Wireless Charging.jpg

Peter Wallace

Helen Attia - Chargifi Wireless Charging.jpg

Helen Attia
Sales & Marketing

Jordan de Laune - Chargifi Wireless Charging.jpg

Jordan de Laune
Software Engineering

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Kaja Gjessing-Newman
🇺🇸 ðŸ‡³ðŸ‡´

Max Ailloud - Wireless-Charging-Chargifi

Max Ailloud
Software Engineering

Zaid Daba'een - Chargifi Wireless Charging

Zaid Daba'een
Software Engineering🇯🇴

Natalie Chan - Chargifi Wireless Charging

Natalie Chan
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Jono van Deventer


Josiah Haddleton
Sales & Operations

Board of Directors

David Summers


Pablo Mesples
Board Observer
- Intel Capital

Charlie Cannell
Co-Founder + Non-Executive Director

Brett Akker
Non-Executive Director

Simon Atkinson
Non-Executive Director


Eze Vidra
Non-Executive Director


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Mark Whitby
Sales/Channel Advisor


Our Investors