A safe return
to the workplace

Chargifi is powering and protecting workspaces
to create back-to-work strategies that work for everybody.


Safe, touchless experiences

Place your phone on a Chargifi Smart Wireless Charging Spot and automatically access desks and rooms across the workplace, triggering smart workflows along the way.
An all-in-one safe, touchless, and seamless experience for your spaces.

Chargifi for Desks

Find, reserve, and check-in to clean and available desks across the workplace.

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Chargifi for Rooms

Locate, reserve, and check-in to clean and available meeting rooms and start video conference calls automatically.

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Empowering your workplace

Find out what a Chargifi-powered environment can bring to your workplace.

Employee confidence for great workplace experience

Employee confidence for great workplace experience

  • Monitor social distancing and density levels
  • Show employees when spaces are available and clean
  • Help employees navigate to and locate spaces to use
  • Provide convenient wireless power across spaces

Clean and safe sanitization

Clean and safe sanitization

  • Alert janitorial staff when spaces need to be cleaned
  • Chargifi Keyfob enables janitorial staff to change status to available after cleaning
  • Integrate space usage data with cleaning schedules to maintain hygiene standards

Improve space availability and efficiency

Improve space availability and efficiency

  • Use hyper-local occupancy analytics to free up unused spaces for maximum availability
  • Redirect traffic to underused areas in line with social distancing policy

Control workplace density

Control workplace density

  • Visual indicators quickly show where is safe to work and facilitate social distancing work patterns
  • Hyperlocal occupancy data helps monitor high traffic spaces

Contact tracing

Contact tracing

  • Occupancy data shows who has been using desks and rooms and when they used them
  • If there is an incident or outbreak, make spaces unavailable that have been used by those affected


Smart space management
for the new normal

Discover how Chargifi powers a safe return to the workplace.

Wireless Power

Touchless wireless charging across the workplace to keep employees powered up and connected.

Status Visual Indicator

Wireless Charging Spot with LightRing shows space availability status, giving employees confidence when desks are safe to use.

Touchless Experience

Ensure a safe working environment by reducing physical contact when interacting with spaces and facilities.

Space Usage Data

Space usage data informs cleaning schedules, ensuring its easy to see which spaces are fresh and clean. Real-time occupancy data also frees up unused spaces like 'no-shows' for maximum availability.

How to future-proof Desk Management beyond the New Normal

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The future of the workplace is a touchless, confident experience. With Chargifi, the smartphone stays powered up and is used like a passport to access workspaces and resources. When a desk or room is lit up green, it’s clear that the space is safe to use.

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Trusted by global brands

  • HP Enterprise
  • Envoy
  • Aruba
  • Zoom
  • Okta
  • R/GA
  • Ennismore

The Chargifi LightRing helps us design innovative and touchless solutions that are key to our workplace experience strategy.

Brooke Lierman, Senior Director of Workplace Technologies at Okta

We augment Chargifi space usage and occupancy data to help our customers make smarter, data driven decisions on space planning.

Christopher Riddles, Global IoT Workplace and Building Services Lead at HPE PointNext

Chargifi is a touch point to trigger smart workplace experience, whilst delivering convenient power for employees.

Jon Howell, Smart Experiences and Location Services Lead EMEA at Aruba

We build convenient power delivery into the heart of our desk experience, and the open platform helps trigger great experiences for members.

Tom Rimmer, IT Director at Ennismore

Case Study

Chargifi powers Ennismore workspace brand Working From_

Read the full case study for more insights and analytics on how overall member experience was enhanced with smart wireless charging.

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Why choose Chargifi?

All-in-one solution

We provide an end-to-end solution for space planners, putting wireless charging at the heart of desk and room management in one solution. It's visual, it's touchless, and it's reliable, putting you ahead of the challenges that space management brings in a the new normal.

Fast and seamless

Forget about lengthy and complex implementation processes. Chargifi handles installation and deployment quickly and seamlessly, adapting to your workplace requirements.

Effective and reliable

Our solution makes employees feel confident and safe in the workplace while offering peace of mind to employers that everything is working as it should.

Trusted by global business

Chargifi’s technology is already powering leading enterprises globally and has been funded by investors including Accelerated Digital Ventures, Intel Capital, HPE, and Techstars.

We are on a mission to transform workplaces into smarter, safer amazing spaces.

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We partner with

  • Aruba
  • CXApp
  • Condeco
  • Envoy
  • HPE
  • Matrix Booking
  • Robin
  • Teem
  • Pointr
  • Zoom

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A touchless and visual space management solution providing occupancy and space usage data for optimized use of resources and a powered-up workplace experience.

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