The Clubhouse by IWG

A seamless experience to keep members powered, productive, and engaged.

“The need for convenient power to stay connected is obvious,
so it is vitally important or us to provide charging wherever and whenever for members. Wires and cables are ugly so
minimising them in our spaces is a huge plus”.

Owen Gregory, COO, The Clubhouse



The Clubhouse are continuously striving to create a better experience for members and to maintain their position as the leading business club, lounge and meeting space in London. Connectivity is important to members and finding power in the right places and remembering to bring cables can create friction.



Reducing friction for more seamless working as members move and use different spaces, and keeping members connected by providing convenient power where it is needed.

It is important for The Clubhouse to be bringing best in class solutions to members and their guests, to meet their ever changing needs and support the best possible experience. This in turn makes stickier customers and encourages membership renewals and new referrals.



Adoption is high showing the value of wireless charging to members, and Chargifi Analyze shows that the most common charging times are between 9 AM and 3 PM.

The Clubhouse are also able to analyse how spaces are being used and can see that meeting rooms and hot-desking areas are most commonly used, and can help ensure that these resources are used as efficiently as possible to improve availability for members. As members come and go during the day, People are charging an average of 45 minutes per session, helping them make the most of the time spent in the spaces at The Clubhouse.



This is what the Clubhouse said about their smart wireless charging deployment:

“Behaviour Analytics from the Chargifi Dashboard show us how spaces are being used, and combined with other metrics, we can react to member needs to always deliver a great experience. Adoption of Chargifi by members has been strong. They are enjoying the convenience of not having to search for cables or plug sockets when moving around our spaces.”
“Our members want to stay connected, which is not possible without power. We want to make access to power convenient so we choose Chargifi wireless charging in our spaces, and its fast becoming a standard requirement for our members.”

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