Dynamic desk and room management.

Unlock the value of flexible working and give your team control of how and where they work, for a great workplace experience.


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Desk booking made
simple for flexible working.

We want to help you and your employees to get back to work safely and seamlessly. Your employees need a simple, intuitive way to find and reserve workspaces, and workplace managers want the ability to flex with current conditions and tools to help optimize workspaces.

Intuitive space booking

Empower employees to easily find and reserve available spaces.

Dynamic workspaces

Optimize space to create dynamic and flexible workspaces for your teams.

Visual indicators

Intuitively identify and locate clean and safe workspaces, fast.

Desk hoteling for hybrid working

Desk hoteling booking and scheduling built for todays conditions and challenges, with an intuitive user interface that your teams will love:

Find & reserve available spaces

  • Flexible mobile desk reservation functionality wherever, whenever
  • Find and locate team members to work alongside and collaborate
  • Real-time floor plans to identify which desks are clean and available
  • Identify and locate an available or reserved desk

Safe, touchless check-in

  • Touchless mobile desk check-in when placed on a Chargifi Spot
  • Share location and collaborate with team members

Manage bookings

  • Advance desk booking for regular routines and cadence
  • Helpful alerts, reminders and notifications on bookings

Dynamic, agile workspaces

Optimize workspaces for effective capacity and use. Make your workspaces agile, with a high level of control of amenities, workspaces.

Dynamic workspace maps and floor plans to control capacity and density:

  • Control density by blocking desk, rooms or zones
  • Apply safety rules for social distancing in real-time
  • Dynamically changes work patterns and workflows to respond to changing conditions in real-time

Space optimization, usage and analytics: 

  • Monitor how different types of spaces and desks are used over time
  • Real-time occupancy data insights to optimize use of space
  • Eliminate no-shows on room and desk bookings and improve availability
  • Dynamic cleaning schedules based on usage, with on-location confirmation via NFC

Enable safe and productive teams

Stay agile and resilient by setting workplace policy that can change dynamically as conditions change:

  • Manage multiple office locations, neighborhoods, desks and employees all in one place
  • Create and manage dynamic settings and policies for your building, workspaces and employees
  • Monitor employee bookings and movement for easier track and trace
  • Organize and track desk assignment all in one place
  • Smart integrations and comprehensive API with other workplace systems

See real-time desk and room occupancy and availability

Protect employees and boost confidence with the Chargifi LightRing visual status indicators on every desk:

  • Location aware check-in to ensure you get real-time occupancy data
  • Provides visual assurance to employees that “green” means “clean”
  • Alert janitor services, and update their schedule when a desk booking is complete and ready for cleaning
  • Quick tap NFC technology changes desk status to green, meaning clean and available for use
  • Keeps employees powered up with wireless charging with clutter-free desks


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