Connect to existing apps

Webhooks are instant, automated messages between cloud-connected apps and can be triggered, in this case, by placing a phone to charge on a Chargifi Wireless Charging Spot.

This can help identify when a charging session has started, the length of that session, and where the session is located, triggering a resulting action, such as personalized experiences, launching a video conference session, or triggering a trouble ticket in support desk software. Seamless integrations through webhooks mean greater efficiency and productivity.

Find out about issues, fast

If there happens to be an issue with one of your Chargifi Spot like Wi-Fi connectivity or loss of power, you want to find out about it before your customers do. Automatically create trouble tickets and have them sent to your desired platform so that action can be taken.

Increase productivity

Trigger a message to a Slack channel when a user has checked in to a desk and started charging, making colleagues easy to find even in the most flexible of workspaces.

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