Analytics & Insights

Understand how your spaces are being used

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Real-time data analytics



Session data

Number of charging sessions by location, date, and time.

Dwell time data

Charging session time shows how much time people spend in your spaces for engagement.

Hyper-location data

Enables pin-point targeting for personalised experiences.

Recurrence data

Track repeat visits and loyalty.

Engagement trends in your spaces

Optimize your space by tracking charging trends, showing you how your spaces are being used. Discover usage data, such as which areas are frequently busy, those that are underutilized over different periods of time, and length of stay.

Space usage in context

See where your most popular charging locations are with data from Chargifi Floor Plans. Combined with additional insights, this data allows you to make decisions on how you are using your spaces, helping you to direct customers to areas that are being underused.

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