Easy deployment &
management at scale

The end-to-end wireless charging solution

The Chargifi Spot

Enterprise-grade Qi wireless chargers made for commercial use with Apple and Samsung FastCharge.
Future-proofed, fully secure, and with a two year warranty. Works with any wireless charging compatible phone.


Supports Apple and Samsung Fast Charge

Rigorous hardware testing

Liquid and dust-resistant

Heat monitoring

Foreign object detection

Fully secure

2 year warranty

Chargifi Neutron™

Belkin hardware is made smart by connecting it to the Chargifi Cloud via the Chargifi Neutron™ technology. We partner with the market leader in wireless charging hardware, keeping our customers always assured of the quality of the hardware they deploy.

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Deploy charging spots with confidence

A fully managed, end-to-end service, with support from a global network of partners and service providers, who use Chargifi to maintain the health of your wireless charging spots.


Seamlessly installed &
easily set-up

Simple step-by-step guidance in a handy Installer App and service includes: site surveys, and best practice advice on the best deployment options.


Custom design & messaging

Fully branded or minimally designed stickers to fit with your environment. Take a look at our recommendations for what to deploy where in our Design Menu & Best Practice guide.


Feel good factor

We are with you every step of the way. Once your Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots are in your spaces, we don’t stop there. We help your staff and users with a best practice starter kit, containing advice such as on-location messaging, email templates, and tent cards to kick-start interest and awareness of your new solution.

Supported by cloud managed, real time monitoring

Cloud-managed, real-time service monitoring

Chargifi’s wireless charging solution is cloud-managed, so updates and fixes take place over the air. This means you can spend your valuable time on other tasks, with the complete peace of mind everything is working as it should.

Chargifi Manage is a IoT-management platform that gives you confidence and control of your wireless charging network, and gives you the ability to manage at scale.

The Chargifi Cloud collects streams of data from devices and turning them into performance KPI’s and insights such as up-time and availability. Ensuring you maintain SLA’s and service delivery. The rules engine triggers alerts when issues arise so they can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Reduce maintenance costs

Spend less time managing

Peace of mind

Cloud-Managed Network

Chargifi Manage continually scans the real-time status of your charging network, including individual
Chargifi Spot details and attributes, such as connectivity and power delivered.


cloud managed network

Get safe, touchless experiences for your workplace

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