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Do Chargifi Spots only charge smartphones? What about laptops?

Laptops will come with wireless power and Chargifi will be able to support that requirement too once they’re available. Think of Chargifi as a platform for power across all wireless power-enabled devices (once they’re on the market!).

How do I charge my phone on a Chargifi Spot?

Wireless charging enables you to charge your device without the need for a cable, plug or international adapter. Just follow these steps to use one of our Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots:

1. Make sure your device is wireless charging enabled or that you have an accessory to enable the wireless charging.
2. Place your device on the Chargifi Spot as indicated by the branded sticker or cap.
3. Your device will start charging automatically.

How does Chargifi smart wireless charging work?

A customer places a wireless charging-enabled device (or a wireless charging accessory that is connected to their mobile device) on a Chargifi Wireless Charging Spot and begins wirelessly charging. The transmitter communicates independently with the receiver embedded in the user’s device (or in an accessory for wireless charging) to establish the amount of power that should be transmitted wirelessly.

No personal identifiable information is communicated between the Chargifi Spot and the mobile device that is being charged. The wireless charging transmitter doesn’t transmit any data to the Neutron.

The Neutron analyzes the power that flows to the wireless charging transmitter and sends this data to the Chargifi Cloud using the venue’s internet connection.

For more information, read How It Works.

Why Chargifi for business?

Chargifi provides you with an end-to-end solution including extensive customizing and smart integration options. We enable at-scale deployment that begins with installation services and continues right through to ongoing monitoring and service so that you can focus on increasing your productivity and revenue.

Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots are secure IoT devices that connect into existing systems to form a network of devices (using APIs, SDKs, and Webhooks). The Chargifi Spots can be used to trigger events or smart experiences that can be personalized for users – for example, checking in to hotdesks and meeting rooms, or launching video conferencing in a meeting room.

For more information, see our business solutions here.

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