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What is a Chargifi Spot?

Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots are smart, connected, wireless charging transmitters that can be retrofitted into existing furnishings or seamlessly designed into new-build projects.

The Chargifi Spots is made up of a wireless charging transmitter that is connected to the Chargifi Neutron by a direct current (DC) power cable. The Neutron connects the transmitter to the Chargifi cloud via Wi-Fi or ethernet and Bluetooth to establish a communication channel between the Chargifi Neutron and Chargifi Cloud.

When you purchase a Chargifi Spots, it comes with Chargifi Analyze, one of our Chargifi Cloud apps. Analyze delivers real-time data on customer behavior, such as hyper-location and dwell time. This allows you to analyze your space utilization, boost consumer or employee engagement, and create revenue opportunities for your businesses.

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