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What is the Chargifi API?

An Application Programme Interface (API) essentially allows two systems to ‘talk’ to each via an automated data feed.
It allows you to access all the information you could get through the front end of the platform as if you had logged on with a username and password, but instead of viewing it in Chargifi Cloud apps, it’s sent to one of your own internal systems.
So, for example, if you need to reboot a Chargifi Wireless Charging Spot or query session data, you could use an API call which sends that information from our system to yours.
We currently offer a REST (sometimes referred to as RESTful) API.

– Interactions with our platform can be automated.
– You don’t actually need to log on to Chargifi Cloud if you would prefer to view the information we provide in your own software.

Note: You’ll need technical ability or development resources to build the API calls on your side.

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