#3 Did you know? 6 ways Chargifi helps you get ‘back to the workplace’

  • Author Jono van Deventer, Head of Product

Blog Series #3 Did You Know?
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How does Chargifi help adapt to the ‘New Normal’ in the workplace?

In this edition, we are looking at how Chargifi supports ‘back to work’ in a post-COVID-19 workplace, supporting and facilitating new cleaning regimes and social distancing via our space usage analytics.

Space utilization analytics enables operations staff to quickly identify high traffic areas and can be used to divert employees to less congested areas where it’s easier to maintain social distancing. Facilities managers can also monitor regular cleaning of desk areas, based on usage data, ensuring they have a quick cleaning turn around and are available for use. Enabling social distancing and monitoring sanitary standards means employees have peace of mind in the workplace, and also helps maintain the wellbeing and health of staff in the workplace.

Enabling a touchless workplace

  1. Fewer cables on desks, means reduced possibility for contamination and contact. 
  2. Having surfaces that are easy to clean are going to be important to ensure the wellbeing of your workforce. 

Chargifi data brings space utilization insights

3. Chargifi’s hyperlocal data shows you how intensively a space is used over time. In a desk hoteling environment, a digital check-in process and the resulting data informs cleaning schedules, to make sure desks are sanitized between users.

4. Having a real-time view of your spaces enables informed decisions and gives the best chance in supporting your employees and their needs.

5. Chargifi’s real-time occupancy data shows you which areas in your spaces are currently being used, and whether employees are keeping to social-distancing measures in the office. 

6. Our Insights dashboard gives you an overview of occupancy across any building, floor, neighborhood or desk – for complete control and also to compare how spaces are being used by type and location to make better future reconfiguration decisions.


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Blog Series #3 Did You Know? April 2020
View full blog series here


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