#6 Did you know? Book Envoy Rooms with Chargifi Spots

  • Author Jono van Deventer, Head of Product

Blog Series – #6 Did You Know? July 2020
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Chargifi’s integration with Envoy allows the seamless booking and check-in of Envoy Rooms by simply charging your device. Our latest touchless meeting rooms integration with Envoy is now live and you can easily get set up in a few simple steps. We’ll go through the high level integration in this blog, but more details can be found here.

How does the integration work?


After the initial setup of the integration, your employees will be able to check in to Envoy Rooms simply by placing their phone on a Chargifi Spot.

During the initial setup, you’ll enable the Chargifi Integration on the Envoy platform, exchange a few API credentials and map Envoy Rooms with Chargifi Spots. This ensures that the right Chargifi Spot checks users into the right Envoy Room.


What are the steps required to get me up and running?

By following these simple steps you’ll have the integration working in no time:

  1. Make sure you have Chargifi Spots and an Envoy Rooms Standard Plan
  2. Enable the Chargifi integration on the Envoy platform
  3. Setup API credentials in the Chargifi Cloud and copy these credentials to the Envoy Integration Page
  4. Select the Chargifi Organisation and Venue in which your Chargifi Spots are set up
  5. Map the relevant Chargifi Zone with the Envoy Room – any Spots in this Zone will trigger the booking and check-in
  6. Lastly, create a new webhook in the Chargifi Cloud to finish up the integration set up

More detailed steps can be found here. Once this has been completed, you can then enjoy touchless meeting room experiences with Envoy and Chargifi!


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