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In 2016 Apple started a journey to make a completely wireless experience for their customers, with the removal of the headphone-jack and introduction of the AirPods, to the launch of the latest iPhone 8 and X. As such, we have taken our first steps into a wireless world that not only eliminates cables but presents a new currency, and the ability for brands to monetise their wireless investment by gaining unprecedented customer insight during their charging experience.

Why does wireless charging need an API?

In short to build rich user experiences on top of wireless charging.

Chargifi is famous for making wireless charging smart. Taking commoditised wireless charging hardware and turning it into a service that adds real value. Without Chargifi – you’re simply deploying dumb hardware that is unmanageable and cannot be monetised. If you’re deploying wireless charging in 2018 it needs to be connected and intelligent.

Our partners work with us not only because we are experts in wireless charging – but because our unique software layer allows them to do more than just charge their devices. Wireless charging, with Chargifi, creates a myriad of opportunities for you to provide more value to your customers, guests and staff.

With Chargifi wireless charging is just the beginning.

An example of the seamless integration you can get with our mobile SDK with wireless charging activation through iOS notifications.

What can you do with the Chargifi API?


Chargifi works with hotel brands all over the world. Naturally with Chargifi, hotel guests can now leave their power adapter at home because the hotel provides them with a slick wireless charging experience – bye bye international adapters.

This is all great, but there’s more. The Chargifi mobile SDKs allows hotels to engage with their guests in a highly contextual manner. They can find out how their guests are using their property by seeing where in the hotel they are charging. Imagine that the spa was only 30% occupied one afternoon and they want to encourage guests to come out of their room and enjoy the rest of the facilities. They can use Chargifi to send contextual notifications to all of the guests that are currently charging in their rooms with a tempting offer to the spa. Energising both guests and their devices!

An example of the seamless integration you can get with our mobile SDK with wireless charging activation through iOS notifications.

Click here to learn more about Chargifi for hotels.


Chargifi works with sports teams in Europe and the US to deploy wireless charging across their corporate hospitality boxes. In most cases, Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots are setup along the windows and seats overlooking the action down on the pitch. Using the Chargifi mobile SDKs sports teams can now embed Chargifi into their mobile app and create a captive charging environment.

Captive charging is like a captive portal for WiFi, but for wireless charging. In this instance, the sports fan would use the sports team’s mobile app to unlock wireless charging. This drives further engagement through their mobile channels but also can lower their cost per mobile app acquisition because they are providing for their guest’s biggest need – power!

Sports teams can also make their sponsorship department extra happy by providing contextual sponsorship opportunities before users charge – for example watching a short drinks commercial before power is unlocked.

Click here to learn more about Chargifi for Stadiums.


Airlines can use our mobile SDKs in their app to introduce micro-location based experiences. When frequent flyer Mr Smith sits down in the business lounge before a flight and charges his phone the lounge staff know where Mr Smith is sitting so they can bring him his favourite drink – a G&T – now that’s service!

Furthermore, the app can now tell Mr Smith the exact time it will take to walk from his seat in the lounge to the departure gate for his flight that day, so he has time to make the most of the ground facilities with no embarrassing last-minute sprints to the plane.


The Chargifi API isn’t limited to creating experiences for customers, you can also use it to create smart office experiences for employees.

More and more offices are optimising their space and creating hot-desk environments, this means that colleagues no longer know where Jim from Marketing is to grab him for a quick chat. No problem, by installing Chargifi at desks, the company’s corporate app can now tell everyone which hot-desk Jim is hiding out on one afternoon. No more laps of the office to find Jim! At the same time data is being collected to provide office managers with the information they need to optimise the work place with key insights on how their environments are being utilised.Whilst other services, such as WiFi, can help locate Jim – no service can do it as accurately as Chargifi.

Click here to learn more about Chargifi for office spaces


The opportunities are endless but these are just a few of the ways that our development team can see how customers will use our API and SDKs to create deeply engaging experiences for everyone who wants to use wireless charging.

If you want to discuss mobile app and API collaboration please do get in touch and join us as we take wireless charging to the next level.

Jordan de Laune – Lead Software Engineer

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