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There has been quite a bit of media coverage surrounding the FCC certifying far-field wireless charging solutions. Combine that with momentum now in the near-field wireless charging solution space (the tech that’s in the latest Apple and Samsung mobile devices), and people want to know where Chargifi fits in. Let me explain.

We are the ‘platform for power’ and can support any means of wireless power transfer. We work with the hardware that is delivering power to your device. Chargifi’s cloud-based software, embedded in enterprise-grade wireless charging hardware, provides brands and systems integrators with a best-in-class solution for scaling this soon-to-be ubiquitous experience.

At the heart of this solution are the smart management, monitoring and monetization of data from mass deployments to help our clients drive better customer experiences and new revenue opportunities.

To share a bit more background, ‘Far-field’ wireless charging enables wireless power transfer at a distance of 10ft or more.  Today, this technology is suitable for charging low powered IoT sensor networks, but you’re not going to get a meaningful amount of power to your mobile device anytime soon. While currently there aren’t devices in market that allow for ‘far-field’ wireless charging, these should be fairly simple to install once products do hit the market.

We believe that over the next 5-10 years there will be a blend of ‘near-field’ fast charging and ‘far-field’ trickle charging in the market, which is good news for us and our clients.

This will allow for two delivery points of Chargifi software, and further support the reality we’re building: a truly wireless world.

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