Chargifi’s enterprise footprint grows with CAPCO deployment in HK

Capco, a leading global financial services management consultancy, deployed Chargifi’s wireless charging solution in its Hong Kong offices. What’s extremely interesting about this deployment is that in Capco’s mission to ‘form the future of finance,’ they recognize that their people are who make the difference. The way to the future must first start with their professionals and in their offices.

The workplace of the future is most certainly wireless. Employees should be adequately equipped to seamlessly transition from their desks to conference rooms to cafeterias and other common gathering spaces throughout the workday – without also dragging with them wires, plugs and spare batteries, or worse, being preoccupied with the battery power left on their devices.

Capco understands the value in creating an environment where employees no longer have to spend time worrying about battery life or finding sources of power, and can instead focus fully on servicing their clients’ needs. Capco employees in Hong Kong will now be able to charge their devices as simply as they connect to the company’s WiFi.

Capco is literally emPOWERing their people to own and run the workplace of the future!

“When I first saw Chargifi’s wireless technology, I knew it was exactly what we needed to bring the future to life at Capco,” said Thomas Keenan, COO and Senior Regional Counsel, APAC India at The Capital Markets. “With Chargifi’s wireless charging solution deployed in our Hong Kong offices, our people can more fully immerse themselves in the future. Now. This is an idea we stand behind and are weaving through the very fabric of our workplace culture.”

“People are changing their expectations and behaviors around the most basic essential need – power. There’s a collective ‘ah-ha’ moment happening where people see there is a better way, a wireless and seamless way, to connect to power, which requires a lot less work and planning on their part, said Dan Bladen, Co-founder and CEO.  “This expectation has turned to demand and employers as well as customer businesses will need to be in a position to offer wireless charging in order to compete, just as it once was with offering WiFi service.”

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