Chargifi to Support China’s Smart Cities Initiative With Wireless Charging Ecosystem in Shenzhen

 Qualcomm, Boeone, Chargifi, MGE Group, NewVastek, and ON Semiconductor working together to deploy resonant-based products and infrastructure; drive broader adoption of wireless charging

This new ecosystem will provide wireless charging service in a variety of public venues including the airport, subway stations, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls, making it easy for Chinese consumers and businesses to enjoy a world without wires. This new milestone helps underscore wireless charging’s continued growth and leadership in resonant technology, which will be celebrated today at a special event in Shenzhen City, hosted by its members and ecosystem leaders Qualcomm, Chargifi, Boeone, MGE Group, NewVastek and ON Semiconductor.

The ecosystem will begin with deployments of wireless charging stations in office buildings and hotels and expand from there, helping to support Shenzhen’s vision of a more connected city, capable of integrating information, communication and IoT technology wirelessly. Wireless charging technology is ideal for smart city environments as it allows for multiple devices to be charged at the same time, across a a wide surface area – no need for consumers to perfectly align their devices with a charging pad as the increased spatial freedom lets people move and use their devices while they charge.

“The Shenzhen resonant-powered smart city initiative highlights our member’s leadership in public infrastructure development – a critical factor in increasing wireless charging adoption worldwide,” said Ron Resnick, AirFuel Alliance president and chairman.  “In a relatively short time period, AirFuel has enabled more than 4,000 resonant-based public charging spots throughout the world and we’re excited to be expanding to Shenzhen City, China.  Key players in the wireless charging ecosystem are seeing the inherent benefits of this next-gen technology for public infrastructure, enterprise and home, and are creating and commercializing resonant-based products and solutions needed to power the industry.”

Shenzhen Wireless Charging Seminar
As part of the kick off of the new resonant wireless charging initiative in Shenzhen, members are holding a half-day seminar aimed at increasing awareness of the build out and how it will benefit consumers and businesses. Qualcomm, MGE Group, NewVastek, Boeone, ON Semiconductor and Chargifi created the “Shenzhen City/Dongguan City Qualcomm Wireless Charging Technology Seminar” which runs from 12:00 pm – 5:30 pm today at the InterContinental Hotel in Shenzhen City and includes live demos. Speakers included AirFuel exec Jim Perrott and leaders from Chargifi, Qualcomm, and ON Semiconductor, and attendees will include members of the Shenzhen business and government communities.

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