Dell Announces Wireless Charging Laptop

Dell have just launched their first laptop with wireless charging – the Dell Latitude 7285. We’re at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where Dell are showing off their great new product.

This is the industry’s first 2-in-1 to enable a workspace free of all wires to the device, incorporating magnetic resonance-based wireless charging for PCs. The Latitude 7285, made in partnership with Witricity.

Wireless charging for laptops has been rumoured for a while and its great to finally see one of the world’s largest PC manufacturers implement wireless power technology into their products.

Wireless power for laptops has been a request from our customers for a long time and today heralds the start of coffee shop goers to hotels guests being able to leave their laptop’s power brick at home.

At Chargifi, we’re proud to have great companies like Pret A Manger, Imperial College London and The ClubHouse as public infrastructure partners. Now their customers, can charge their new Dell laptop simply by placing it on a Chargifi Wireless Charging Spot in their location – goodbye cables!

Our focus is on building the best software tools to empower service providers all over the world to deploy wireless power at scale. I’m particularly excited to say that Chargifi is also fully compatible with the Latitude 7285’s charging transmitter. This means that large offices deploying wireless charging transmitters can use Chargifi to manage and monitor a fleet of smart and connected transmitters, particularly helpful in hotdesk environments.

Drop us a note if you’re at CES and would like to see Chargifi in action with the Dell Latitude 7285.

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