#1 Did you know? 8 new Chargifi features for February 2020

Blog Series – #1 Did You Know? February 2020
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The latest 8 new features to help you get more from the Chargifi Cloud

Chargifi Cloud is built to manage large scale networks of Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots. It also provides valuable behavioral and space usage insights from charging sessions in dashboards and visualizations like floor plans. In this edition, we are excited to announce a brand new look and feel to the design of your Chargifi Cloud apps, as well as new hardware and network functionality, a more efficient installation process and reduced network footprint.

Exciting new features in the Chargifi Cloud: 

    Refreshed design and user experience to make it even easier to use your Chargifi Cloud

    New navigation menus to quickly find your way to the apps, settings and to change networks.

     Global search function to help you find what you are looking for across the Chargifi Cloud.

    Help icon with over 250 refreshed and new support articles.

    New and improved floor plan viewer to see issues and charging data in context.

    New and improved developer tools so you can easily set up your own integrations.

    Subscribe to real-time alert webhooks to get notifications of Chargifi Spot issues on your network.

    Next generation network solution for ease of deployment, extended coverage great for scaling up.

Refreshed design and user experience in the Chargifi Cloud

We’ve tightened up the design across the Chargifi Cloud apps, including adding a top navigation bar that allows you to switch between locations or change date ranges when searching for session data.

Global Search Function

If you’re managing wireless charging at scale, you quickly need to find exactly what you’re looking for. Now you can search for different users, venues, Spots, installation companies, and more.


Chargifi Support Center

You can now easily access over 250 new support articles directly from the Chargifi platform. 


Improved Floor Plan Viewer

Floor plans are one of the most loved features in the Chargifi platform – seeing usage data in context. The floor plan viewer is now bigger and better than ever, and in March we’ll see new floor plan features, including the ability to hover over Spots to see specific details, full screen floor plans and much-improved panning and zooming.

Chargifi Connect: Real-Time Alert Webhooks

You can now subscribe to real-time alerts with Chargifi Webhooks – allowing you to receive notifications when Chargifi Spots go offline, lose power or are unused for over a certain number of days.

Next Generation Bluetooth Mesh Network Solution

Our newly launched Bluetooth Mesh Network has been designed from the ground up to improve on our Wi-Fi only model for extended coverage, for easier setup and fewer direct IP addresses on the network.

The Chargifi Spots now use a Bluetooth mesh configuration designed for large-scale deployments, and connect to the Chargifi Cloud via the new Cloud Gateway for extended coverage. The Chargifi Cloud Gateway connects to a Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) or over Ethernet, and can be powered via PoE. 


Blog Series – #1 Did You Know? February 2020
View full blog series here


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