Location, location, location: How wireless will bring us closer to our customers

Consumer loyalty is the Holy Grail for today’s businesses. Brands across the globe are searching in many places to find new methods to deliver a personalized experience to guarantee returning customers.

Brands are discovering the potential of wireless technology beyond Wi-Fi or charging mobile phones, but also utilising location data and connectivity of mobile to drive customer loyalty. We have taken our first steps into a wireless world that not only eliminates cables but presents a new currency… the ability for brands to monetise their wireless investment by gaining unprecedented customer insight during their charging experience.

Brands integrating Chargifi in their venues will have access to hyper-local location data based on where and when the user is charging. This is the key to understand a customer’s real-life behaviors and movements – brands can analyse customer behaviour from one particular location and contextually engage with users while they charge. Data provided via our solution is able to pinpoint the exact seating location of any user in relation to a venue’s network, in a way that Wi-Fi and beacons cannot due to accuracy limitations. This means a potentially receptive audience – with the average charging session lasting 50 minutes – and in turn builds customer loyalty.

Following Apple’s introduction of wireless charging to its devices last year, we are about to witness the mass adoption of the technology as consumer demand becomes a major driver in hotels, workspaces, shops, restaurants, offices and sports venues. A cloud-based approach to wireless charging via a management platform will ensure brands have access to a plethora of data from mass deployments of charging spots.

Wireless charging will be extended beyond mobiles to laptops and even our vehicles over the coming years, creating more opportunities to engage and build loyalty with individuals in the workspace, socially or on the move. Chargifi provides a seamless power solution – but not only this – we can also ensure a connected, personalized customer experience. If you’re interested in finding out more about the opportunities that wireless power can bring, please contact our sales team on sales@chargifi.com or +44 (0) 20 3735 8784.

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