Meet the team: Senior Software Engineer, Zaid Daba’een

Meet the team: Senior Software Engineer, Zaid Daba’een

Who are you and what’s your role at Chargifi?

Hi, I’m Zaid (pronounced like Zed!) and I build the cool systems behind the scenes that allows the Chargifi platform to really optimise your wireless power charging spots (also known as senior software engineer).

Working at a leading company like Chargifi pushes you to learn more and broaden your experience in many fields of tech. All the engineers at Chargifi work on front-end, back-end, DevOps and have many hats to wear.

Why did you join the company? What gets you excited about Chargifi?

Being a self-taught software engineer with a degree in telecommunications engineering, working at Chargifi allows me to grow my experience in software as well as hardware engineering. Chargifi promotes flexibility and agility, so our team are able to design systems that are not just constrained to mobile or laptop screens.

When I joined Chargifi two years ago, wireless charging was not as widely adopted as it is now – and not everyone has heard of wireless charging even now. It’s such an exciting experience to work on an emerging technology when it’s still in its early stage, where the potential of this technology and how it can be deployed has not been fully defined. We have had an incredible journey to date and I personally am proud to be involved in the transformation from wired to wireless with our amazing team.

The most exciting thing about Chargifi is that it is not constrained to one story, consumer electronics, but rather it extends to electric vehicles and drones. The wireless charging vision has no end.

What is your team like?

Currently we have three engineers, a product manager and several freelance designers and we are expanding fast throughout 2018. I’m proud to say our team has made a significant impact already having our technology now deployed in 19 countries, and being one of UK’s 50 fastest growing startups.

We operate within a scrum management process, meaning that we are customer focused to ship features in a fast-paced manner. The forum is always open to ideas across the company, and we discuss them as a team before working together to make them a reality!

Why do you think Chargifi is a great place to work?

FOOD… and some other aspects too… First of all, we have a snack table with all kinds of healthy and unhealthy options (oops!). Then there is also breakfast, fruit, tea (which I also manage on a monthly basis, one of my many hats as I said) and most importantly, dried mangoes. Dried mangoes is most definitely a way of life here at Chargifi: they fuel the team and brainstorms.

Every month, we plan a team day out as the Chargifi family. We each get an opportunity to have a say in the event of choice  – so far, we’ve been to a board game cafe, bowling, karaoke, and taken a Chinese cookery class.

On the office side of things, we hold team meetings every week and use these to update each other on the very latest news in the technology world. We also regularly share helpful and interesting content on Slack that we know is going to inspire the team.

It’s great to come into a workplace full of inquisitive and adventurous people, not afraid to take a new direction and challenge what’s normal in search of something better. Wireless technology is about to have a very interesting year and I’m excited about being involved in this innovative space.

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