MGM Resorts International offers Chargifi’s wireless charging service at New York-New York Hotel & Casino during Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

We’re thrilled to share that the global entertainment powerhouse, MGM Resorts International, will deploy Chargifi’s wireless charging platform at the famed NEW YORK-NEW YORK Hotel & Casino during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is taking place January 9-12, 2018.

Delivering the best in world-class guest experiences, NEW YORK-NEW YORK will offer the complimentary service for visitors of the Center Bar. When guests enter, they’ll see signage and simple instructions for recharging their batteries. For guests with wireless-charging-enabled devices, they’ll just place it on the surface of a table, while guests with older devices will only need to pick-up a receiver and plug it in.

Also at CES, Chargifi will be deployed at the Wireless Power Consortium booth (number SL2, in the entrance to the main hall) during the entire show. Here, we’ll be providing demonstrations of the technology, talking about the future in a world where wireless charging exists on mass scale, and of course, allowing visitors to recharge devices (low battery anxiety anyone?).

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We hope to see you there!

Chargifi is a cloud-based wireless charging solution for enterprises, allowing the deployment of the technology at mass scale and with enterprise-grade security. The centrally-run platform also allows clients to manage, monitor and monetize the service, creating enhanced customer experiences as well as new revenue streams. The Chargifi platform has been deployed with some of the world’s largest brands, including WeWork, Amazon, NFL, and Grand Hyatt, among others.

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