SABA join forces with Chargifi to provide Smart Wireless Charging to customers for a better customer experience

SABA Hospitality Technology Solutions, a Macau-based hospitality technology specialist focused on transforming guest and staff engagement, have announced a partnership with Chargifi, a disruptive wireless charging innovator who delivers a patented and market-leading platform, that enables the mass deployment, management and monetization of wireless power at scale.

Dan Bladen, CEO and co-founder of Chargifi said, “We transform wireless charging into a service that opens significant value add opportunities to hospitality operators. Cloud connected wireless charging is a trigger point for customer engagement and with our open architecture we connect into Apps and existing software and open up numerous opportunities to drive customer satisfaction and new revenue streams”.

Stefan Renziehausen, Executive Director of Operations and Co-founder of SABA Hospitality explained: “In Chargifi, we have found a partner that provides peace of mind to our customers when deploying wireless charging at scale, that in turn gives guests the benefit of having power when they need it, which means they always stay connected so they can digitally interact with brands”

“SMS is now the preferred platform for communication, either via social channels such as WeChat and Messenger, or automated solutions such as chatbots. For millennial travellers, who represent a growing and increasingly important segment of the hospitality market, Wifi is more important than a free breakfast. Without power, engagement channels can dissolve and revenue streams are effected. Chargifi’s convenient wireless charging solves this problem.”

Dan Bladen agrees, “The need to be connected has seen huge demand increases for wireless charging globally. 99 per cent of mobile users now want wireless charging capability in their next device. So we are not surprised this trend is starting to penetrate the hospitality industry.”

“For example, after deploying the Chargifi solution into the bar of a leading hotel and casino complex in Las Vegas, spend per seat increased by 10 per cent, which represents a 64 per cent return on investment over a three year period.” added Bladen.

“Guests were drawn to the bar area to charge their mobile devices and stayed longer to enjoy the bar services. The hotel was also able to gather behavioural data such as customer dwell time, location data and space utilisation, which can be used to help deliver better customer experiences.”

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