#2 Did you know? 7 new Chargifi features for March 2020

Blog Series #2 Did You Know?
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7 New Features to help you deploy Chargifi with ease.

This month, we are excited to introduce 4 new integrations into the leading SSO (Single Sign-On) platforms – Google, Microsoft Azure, OneLogin and Okta to make your employees’ journey into the platform seamless. In addition, our improved end-to-end jobs management process ensures your Chargifi Spots are online and connected during deployment. Combined with the enhanced Chargifi Installer App make large-scale workplace deployments a breeze. We’ve also improved our much-loved floor plan viewer so you can access insights easily in both Analyze and Manage. Finally, our latest Cordova plugin enables our Smart Association SDKs to perform seamless check-ins to your meeting room and desk resources.

Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication

We now have integrations with the leading Single Sign-On (SSO) platforms to make Chargifi Cloud quicker and even more secure. Customers can now use any one of the following four options to sign in via:


Microsoft Azure



Floor Plan Viewer Enhancements

The enhanced floor plan viewer allows scroll-to-zoom for easy navigation of your floor plan and a new mouse hover feature to quickly view the Spot information you need. You can quickly see what space usage is like and gain insights into user behaviour over time in specific areas of your workplace.

End-to-End Jobs Management Process

With a refreshed design on our Chargifi Installer app, you can be sure that mass deployment of wireless charging Spots runs smoothly and your Spots remain connected to your network and stay online. 

From the installation of Cloud Gateways onto your network, through to provisioning of your Spots to the correct Cloud Gateways, the Installer app provides easy-to-follow instructions to support your installation teams and the overall job management process, ensuring quality control across your network. 



Cordova Plug-In to Enable Workplace Check-In

Chargifi’s Smart Association SDKs are now available through our latest Cordova plug-in. You can integrate the new plug-in with your Cordova mobile apps to enable seamless check-in to your meeting rooms and desks.


Blog Series #2 Did You Know? March 2020
View full blog series here


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