Chargifi updates: Adapting to the new normal

April 30, 2020

Adapting to the ‘new normal’

Change and new ways of working have accelerated in the past few weeks, and while most of us have become accustomed to working remotely, the next challenge is safely getting people back to the workplace. It is now number one priority to have the right systems and processes in place to give employees peace of mind for their return and to allow a safe, seamless transition back to work.

We’ve been looking at two trends in particular this month: Touchless solution and De-densification and how Chargifi can help to create the safe work environment your employees need. In our “Future of Workplace Experience” blog series, we also asked leading workplace experts to share their thoughts on their current challenges – from employee engagement, planning for business continuity to space planning for a productive work environment.

Plans to reopen will vary, but the core principle that is paramount seems to be building trust and confidence with employees to ensure a safe return to the workplace.

Dan Bladen, CEO & Co-founder


Creating a touchless and de-densified workplace

Before any type of return is even considered, businesses need to understand key concerns from employees and review policies appropriately. Here are some top trends and key takeaways on how to plan for a safe future return to your workplaces.

CXApp: How to stay connected with your remote employees

Leon Papkoff, Founder & Chief Strategist at CXApp shared his recent observations across the enterprise workplace industry during this pandemic situation, but also how things are going to change in the workplace. Read more here

Aruba: Planning for seamless business continuity

Top priority of every organization in this time of crisis should be on protecting the health and safety of its employees now and planning for the future return to the workplace. We are delighted to have Keerti Melkote, Co-Founder & President at Aruba, to touch on just that. Find out more

Superhuman: Why is face-to-face communication important?

There are benefits of virtual communication tools that allow us to work efficiently. However, there are aspects of communications at work that make it more difficult to sustain in the long run. Rahul Vohra, Founder & CEO at Superhuman shared with us why it is crucial to have face-to-face communication.

Did you know? Get powered up with the Chargifi Cloud

For this month’s product feature blog, we highlighted 6 ways how Chargifi can help enabling a zero-touch work environment with smart integrations and facilitate social distancing in the workplace via our space analytics.


Wireless charging, smaller screen: Apple announces its cheapest iPhone

With the new iPhone SE, Apple has strengthened its offering in the mid-range premium smartphone category and making wireless charging available to the masses at a massively affordable price.

UPS delivery truck wirelessly charged over 11-inch gap

The grid-connected wireless charging system was tested on a UPS delivery truck, transferring power over an 11-inch gap. This project demonstrates innovative ways to utilize vehicle battery storage at fleet scale to power the vehicle.

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