Chargifi and Hannaford join forces to provide high-end bespoke furniture with integrated Wireless Charging

August 30, 2018

LONDON, 30 August 2018: Today Chargifi, the foundational technology for wireless charging, announces its collaboration with Hannaford, a Royal Warrant holder for bespoke joinery, fit out and refurbishment solutions. The partnership brings the worlds of wireless charging and high-end furniture design together for the first time, to combine a seamless integrated smart charging solution with bespoke furniture under a Royal Warrant holding joinery company.

Hannaford works across historical buildings, private residences, commercial and retail. Its clients include Osprey London, Barclays and an array of restaurants from Kimchee in London to Soboro bakery in Cambridge.

Chargifi will be working with the Hannafordlife division of the business, whose mission is to innovate and explore new possibilities for creative ‘interactive’ furniture. The teams at Chargifi and Hannafordlife have collaborated to enhance the customer experience by crafting purpose-designed furniture that incorporates the latest smart technology.

Chargifi builds foundational technology that transforms the way the world mass-deploys, manages and monetises power. It delivers a market-leading cloud management platform that enables the scaling of smart wireless charging. The patented Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots solution provide a lucrative touchpoint for boosting customer engagement, turning wireless power into a service that adds real value to businesses.

Talking about the partnership, Dan Bladen, CEO and co-founder of Chargifi, comments: “In Hannaford, we found a partner who is committed to combining craftsmanship with innovation to change spaces for the future. Power and connectivity are now basic requirements, and wireless charging is table stakes for anyone developing public space right now.”

“Customer experience matters more now than ever before. Today’s consumer not only has a keen eye for aesthetically pleasing design but expects their daily experience to be as seamless and personalised as possible, which is why this new partnership between Chargifi and Hannaford is a compelling offering to the market.”

“Smart wireless charging provides consumers with a reliable and fast source of power, which means they can always stay connected. It also provides insight on customer location and duration of dwell time to create new customer engagement opportunities to enhance customer experience.”

Russell Whish, project manager at Hannaford comments: “We embrace innovation through the passion and ideas of our team, and the partnership with Chargifi allows us to fulfill the demand of combining beautiful craftsmanship with technology innovation, unlocking the true potential of bespoke furniture for retail for commercial benefit.”

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