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Chargifi Cloud Apps

How often does Chargifi Cloud get updated?

We update our apps about every two weeks and you can sign up for emails to keep informed of any updates that have been deployed so you stay informed about great new features and functions available.

What if the WiFi goes down?

No worries. Our Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots can store 7, 200 sessions or 8 days worth of data – whichever comes first. As soon as the network goes back up again, all that stored data is sent to Chargifi Cloud and you’ll be able to see it in your Chargifi apps.

Chargifi Connect

This is a Chargifi Cloud app that allows your developers to create smart integrations and blend data from various sources to enhance actionable insights. You can use our toolbox of APIs, SDKs, webhooks and pre-built Smart Integrations to configure your custom Chargifi Connect environment.

For more information about our application suite and different pricing options, see our Features & Benefits.

Chargifi Manage

Chargifi Manage gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your wireless charging facilities are being monitored in real-time.

Chargifi Analyze

Access to Chargifi Analyze comes with every Chargifi Wireless Charging Spot. With the Analyze app, you can view analytics data about how your Chargifi Spots are performing, what user consumption is like, and leverage the data to enhance profitability and business performance.
You can see information at a glance about wireless charging activity levels across your organization or venue, and you can use the interactive graphical features to drill down into more details about individual sessions and Chargifi Spots in specific locations.

Chargifi Cloud

Chargifi offers you a cloud management platform which takes care of the mass deployment and management of smart wireless charging. Chargifi Cloud comes with a suite of applications that manage cloud-connected wireless charging of mobile devices.

Read more here about our application suite and product offerings.

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