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With the modern learning experience relying on powered-up and connected devices, Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots are the ultimate convenience for students and staff.  Keep classrooms, lecture halls, and library desks uncluttered to avoid hazards and an unsightly mess by providing convenient power, without the need for cables or adapters.


Cloud managed for complete peace of mind. Simple.

Know your solution is always working with continuous, cloud-connected, over-the-air management.

We are experienced, masters of deployment, giving you the best solutions for your carefully designed spaces. Deploy with confidence and the peace of mind your service is always working – it’s as simple as that.

Smarter campus with actionable insights for engagement

Wireless charging is a unique touchpoint to engage with students and staff. Our platform delivers real-time space occupancy, hyper-location, and dwell time data, turning big data into valuable insights and allowing you to see which areas are used the most.

Engage with your students, boost student experience

Smart wireless charging provides convenient power, helping students stay connected throughout the day. With Chargifi Connect, the Chargifi Spots act as a trigger for other smart applications and devices to create a smart, responsive environment for your students. Chargifi Spots are also iBeacons and therefore increase the density of beacons for wayfinding to help students find their way to lectures and classes.

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