Wireless Charging for World-leading Hotel & Casino

World-leading hotel & casino brand enjoys revenue boost by improving customer experience with smart wireless charging.

Wireless charging in Casinos


As a world-leading hotel brand, our client is dedicated to improving guest experience and encouraging guests to spend more time in their hotels. How could they delight customers by boosting satisfaction and loyalty? How could they gather robust guest behavioral data to drive the customer experience?


To enhance customer experience by allowing guests to conveniently charge their phones and stay connected, therefore removing “battery anxiety.”

Behavioral data, such as hyper-location and dwell time, helps give insight into space utilisation and how long guests stay in certain locations. These data points help to deliver a better
customer experience and drive revenue in bar and restaurant areas.


A site survey quickly determined the 24 hour bar as the best position for the Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots to provide convenient access to power and drive revenue.

Chargifi’s Analyze dashboard was able provide insights into guest behavior, such as where guest were seated when they made a purchase and also how long they stayed for each charging session.

Since the deployment, the hotel has been able to see that guests were drawn to the bar area to charge their phones, and they can also see that, on average, guests stay longer, enjoying the food and beverage bar services.

This has driven an increase in revenue representing a projected 64%* return on investment from the deployment of smart wireless charging at the bars.

Based on these results and feedback from guests, our client is now planning to roll-out Chargifi’s Spots to both public spaces and guest bedrooms.

Business benefits

  1. 64% return on investment* on the deployment.
  2. 10% increase in revenue per bar seat.
  3. Hotel guests spent an average of 37 minutes charge time per session.
  4. Guests are more likely to give a great online review, with higher probability for repeat purchase.
  5. Chargifi cloud software allows reduction in service and maintenance cost by fixing issues over-the-air.
  6. Continuous, reliable wireless charging service for a great customer experience.

Customer benefits

  1. Guests can enjoy the bar area without the inconvenience of heading back to their rooms to charge their devices.
  2. The hotel customer experience has been enhanced with convenient power access leading to higher satisfaction levels.
  3. Guests were delighted, stating “This would be the reason I’d come back.”
  4. Guests can expect to see further roll-out in bars and bedrooms across the Hotel and Casino.

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