Chargifi for Rooms

Safe, touchless optimized experiences

Make rooms a safer and more productive experience for your team

Find the right room, and know it’s clean when the light is green. Seamlessly start touchless room booking and video conferencing, get data on room usage, and free up unused spaces so your teams can collaborate when and where they want to.


Key Benefits

Touchless control

No touching shared equipment, safer experiences

Visualize availability

Show status through colored light ring

Clutter free desktops

No cables, wireless power, easy desk cleaning

Optimize space utilization

Usage data helps get improvement insights across spaces

Employee confidence

Usage data informs cleaning schedule for cleaner, safer spaces

Person present authentication

25% of meetings don’t actually happen. Check-in improves room availability using hyperlocal occupancy data.

Increase productivity

Quick launch of video conferencing, saves time starting meetings

Peace of mind

Fully secure network, centralized visibility, maximum uptime

“Chargifi is a touch point to trigger smart workplace experiences, whilst delivering convenient power for employees.”

Jon Howell, HPE Aruba

Smart Workspaces EMEA Lead

How it works

Integrates with


Key features

Light-ring availability status

Get safe, touchless experiences for your workplace

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