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Make rooms safer and more productive

Find the right room and know that it’s clean when the light is green.

Seamlessly start touchless meeting room booking and video conferencing, get insights on room usage, and free up unused spaces so your teams can collaborate when and where they want to.

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Seamless in-room experience

Discover what Chargifi-powered experiences mean for your workplace.

Touchless control

No touching shared equipment, safer workspace experience

Visualize availability

Colored light status indicates when rooms are safe and available to use

Employee confidence

Employees see when a room is clean and safe to use

We are taking the meeting room booking experience to the next level, built specifically for the new age of flexible working. A visual light indicator, safe touchless check-in and wireless charging for a safer, frictionless in-room experience.

Dan Bladen, CEO & Co-Founder at Chargifi


Amazing meeting rooms for everyone

Touchless meeting room check-in

Visual indicator showing room availability status

Quick-start touchless video conferencing

Convenient wireless power with wireless charging

Convenient wireless power

Meeting Room occupancy data to inform cleaning schedules

Occupancy data to notify and inform cleaning schedules with NFC CleanifiTag

Secured occupancy data releases unused rooms and helps monitor social distancing compliance

Meeting room booking management integrate with IWMS

Optimized room utilization with end to end Chargifi LightRing and Chargifi Wx room booking software and app


Chargifi for Rooms works with

  • Zoom
  • Matrix Booking
  • Pointr


Easy management of rooms for enterprise

Confirmed check-in authentication

Meeting room booking software with contact tracing

Confirmed check-in authentication

Hyper-local occupancy data insights highlight no-shows and improve room availability

Optimize space utilization

Manage office workspace and layout with real-time data

Optimize space utilization

Usage data gives improvement insights for optimizing spaces

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Fully secure network, centralized visibility, maximum uptime

Frictionless experiences

Employee productivity with quick launch video conferencing

Frictionless experiences

Increase employee productivity through quick launch of video conferencing, saving time starting meetings

Clutter-free tabletops

Clutter-free tabletops

No cables, no fuss - just wireless charging and easy cleaning

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Safe, touchless experiences for meeting rooms

Simply place a smartphone on a Chargifi Spot to check-in and start a video conference. It’s fast and seamless. For space planners, valuable room usage and occupancy data is captured to free up unused meeting rooms, improving availability for everyone.

Place phone on wireless charging spot
Update meeting room status with integrations


Check the status of the room

  • Clean and Available
  • In Use or Pre-Booked
  • Unclean and Unavailable


Place phone on the Chargifi Spot

  • Charge phone wirelessly
  • Safe, touchless in-room experience


Trigger space interactions

  • Instant booking and check-in via Chargifi WxApp
  • Video conference launched


Update Room Status

  • Update directly into the Chargifi Wx room booking system, with no need to touch the screen.


End Integrations

  • Chargifi LightRing countdown to the end of the  meeting
  • Room check-out with Spot status updated to Red and notifies cleaning schedule

Case Study

Chargifi powers Ennismore workspace brand Working From_

Read the full case study for more insights and analytics on how overall member experience was enhanced with smart wireless charging.

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Working from the Hoxton - Chargifi desk management

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What you need to get started

  • Integrates with Chargifi Wx or other room booking system with open API
  • Video conferencing hardware in room and open API to software
  • Different mounting options: sub-surface or through-surface
  • On surface option also available



For smaller teams experimenting with hybrid working.

from FREE

  • Add up to 30 users for FREE
  • 1 building
  • 1 month booking history
  • Coordinate Employees, Floors, Neighborhoods, Desks, Amenities
  • Full Access to Wx app iOS & Android
  • Basic Analytics
  • Basic Policies & Settings
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Desk list view only (Interactive floor plans not included)

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Adopt hybrid working fast with seamless set-up and sign-on.

from $5 /user/month

  • Everything in BASIC
  • Add up to 1000 users at PRO cost per user level
  • Single Sign-On (Google, Microsoft, Okta, Onelogin)
  • SCIM & Active Directory
  • Unlimited buildings
  • Unlimited Desks
  • Unlimited Rooms
  • Unlimited booking history
  • Advanced Analytics, Insights and Utilization metrics
  • Advanced Policies & Settings
  • Uncapped support and direct line to support team
  • 99.9% Uptime



Customized plan for enterprise
at scale.

from Custom

  • Everything in PRO
  • Unlimited users at ENTERPRISE cost per user level
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA



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