Chargifi Spot

Enterprise-grade Qi wireless chargers made for commercial use, integrated with your favourite tech for smarter experiences.
Future-proofed, fully secure. Works with any wireless charging compatible phone.


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Supports Apple and Samsung Fast Charge

Rigorous hardware testing

Liquid and dust-resistant

Heat monitoring

Foreign object detection

Fully secure

2 year warranty

Chargifi Neutron

How the Chargifi LightRing works

Visualize space availability with the Chargifi LightRing

Customizable LED color LightRing clearly shows if a space is available and safe to use, utilizing the globally recognized traffic light system, transcending language and cultural barriers to communication.

  Do Not Use Blocked for Cleaning

  In-Use Reserved Desk

  Clean and Available for Use

Easy, streamlined cleaning process

After a workspace is used, janitorial staff are notified for cleaning. Jobs are created directly in the scheduling system via the Chargifi Cloud API. Once cleaning job is completed, the RFID CleanifiTag is placed onto the Chargifi LightRing by the janitor, turning the Chargifi LightRing Green and making it clearly visible that the space is available again for safe use.


Flexible installation options

Through-surface or on-surface installation options available for added versatility, with secured mounting.

Fully branded or minimally designed spot stickers to fit with your environment. Take a look at our recommendations for what and where to deploy in our Design Menu, and other design resources.


Supported by cloud managed, real time monitoring

Chargifi Neutron

The Chargifi Neutron is the brains within each Chargifi Spot, and connected them to the Chargifi Cloud as a secure IoT network. This provides real-time, two-way communication with the apps in the Cloud. Chargifi Manage monitors the health of the spots on the network, and Chargifi Analyze provides insights on spot usage and space utilization.


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