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Chargifi pricing is structured to make it as easy as possible to understand exactly what you get, with no hidden extras, this provides a strong foundation for future growth of your partnership with Chargifi.

Can I buy a trial kit to get started quickly with Chargifi?

Yes we have a test kit that can get you started fast, you can find on our website here  

Do I benefit from better pricing if I commit to a longer-term contract?

Yes our pricing varies by both length of contract and by volume, our pricing gets more attractive if you buy more.

Do I have warranty protection?

Yes we have a Warranty Policy that you can find here and we cover you for the whole period of your contract in accordance with that policy.

Do I get the full software solution?

Yes. We have a wide range of proprietary software applications in the Chargifi Cloud, and, through Chargifi Connect, you can integrate into existing systems. All is included as standard in your fee.

What about wear and tear of venue materials?

We understand wear and tear and refresh standard table stickers and venue materials twice a year.

What is the payment frequency?

The first year’s payment is up front (we use this to cover the cost of hardware and our commitment to you that we will make sure that the hardware and software are all up and running). For three and five year deals, we ask you for a payment at the start of the license year.  

If I install Chargifi in multiple venues at different times, won’t the billing get complicated?

No. We will do everything we can to work with you to consolidate and streamline your billing.

What happens if I close a venue and open another?

If you instal Chargifi in the new venue we will be happy to cancel the old contract and replace it with a new one.   

What happens at the end of my contract?

Think of it like a mobile phone contract, we can supply you with new hardware or retain your existing chargers if you prefer.

What happens if I terminate?

We ask you to cover the fees relating to half the outstanding balance of the contract so that we are made whole on our commitment to you. We turn off access to Data Analytics and Software Integrations but we won’t try to recover or require you to discard your Hardware – that’s yours and it will still work. (Note: warranty cover will lapse)

What is charged as an extra?

In short, customised work. So if you want some customised software or branded materials – these cost extra. We price in a commitment too to make sure that your venue is up and running, time commitments of travel arrangements over and above this commitment can be extra – but only if we pre-agree a charge with you.      

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