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What is the Chargifi Software Development Kit (SDK)?

Chargifi’s Software Development Toolkit (SDK) provides you with out-of-the-box coding to help you to achieve seamless integration without having to build wholesale API integrations.

It includes:
– Chargifi REST APIs
– Chargifi Library is our Android SDK
– ChargifiKit is a Swift SDK that supports iOS 8+

– Our SDK can ‘gate’ access to power by positioning an app download before consumers are able to charge their mobile devices.
– Our SDK provides a quick solution to using your own apps in conjunction with our Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots as opposed to having to build new API integrations.
Chargifi SDK doesn’t send push notifications. You’ll be able to set that up in your own app once you’ve integrated it with Chargifi Cloud. Keep in mind you may need to modify your existing apps in order to receive information from Chargifi Cloud.

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