Our Global Partners

Chargifi enables a growing network of global partners to capture new business opportunities by delivering smart wireless charging.


Why partner with Chargifi?

Chargifi's open architecture enables integration opportunities with an endless variety of partners to create a fully customisable and seamless wireless charging experience.



Cloud-Controlled Infrastructure

Manage your clients’ wireless power deployments in the cloud from a web browser, allowing you track and control them from anywhere. No software to download or maintain.




Self-Healing Hotspots

Chargifi makes your hotspots smart. Hotspots report vitals and usage metrics in real-time, and our self-healing network can fix transmitters remotely, reducing the need for truck-roll and increasing your SLA performance for your customers.


Deploy and Forget

Receive real-time alerts when the Chargifi Cloud detects abnormalities, connectivity outages, and defective hardware, alerting you to problems before your clients or their customers do.

Make use of the Chargifi Installer app to guarantee your deployments are configured and deployed correctly each and every time.


Optimize Installs and Upsell customers

Track usage patterns in your customers’ venues over time, giving you the data and opportunity to upsell additional hotspots in high-traffic areas.

We provide you with the materials and support you need to get your spots up and running, our solutions include tools to help you manage your own, growing network of customers and their smart wireless charging solutions.


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Easy Integrations

Chargifi integrates with many leading software platforms and we’re busy at work adding new integrations. Get creative with our intuitive APIs, SDKs and web hooks for your own customised Chargifi experience.

Hear from our partners

Together with our partners, Chargifi is committed to delivering a wireless charging solution that just works for our customers. Do you share our vision for a wireless world?