Are you ready?

With more than 7 billion mobile phones and tablets worldwide and billions more coming online over the next few years, Chargifi’s Platform for Power and wireless charging solutions provide a substantial commercial opportunity globally. Chargifi is currently working with distribution partners around the world to bring its solutions to public venues like coffee shops, hotels, sporting arenas, and office complexes.




Quick and Painless Installation

From site survey to installation, we work with you to make sure the addition of wireless charging does not disrupt your venue. Chargifi's Operations and User Experience teams will ensure you have a seamless and visually-integrated charging experience, delivered by licensed installers who make every aspect of installations painless. 



Software Integration is a Breeze

Our software can sit atop pre-existing wireless charging installations, allowing you to track and manage customer usage, provide additional promotion opportunities to your customers, and fully control your charging spots remotely.

Via our APIs and SDK we can deliver these features inside your own dashboards and mobile apps.



Partner with Chargifi

If your company is interested in distributing Chargifi’s wireless power solutions in your region, we would love
to hear from you.


Get Chargifi for your Business

Interested in providing your customers with a seamless wireless charging experience? Give us a shout, we would be happy to chat.