Millennials are demanding better hospitality experiences


The demand for better charging in public venues is being driven by Millennials, now the most powerful and influential consumer demographic when it comes to their spending behavior. Many consumers are now in the habit of using wireless charging technology in their home, with IKEA even selling wireless charging inbuilt into their furniture. As 85% of phones sold this year will be capable of charging wirelessly, consumers - especially Millennials - are now beginning to expect it in public too. Our How Device Charging is Changing Guest Experience in Hospitality report concluded that this demographic was more likely to enter a venue just to charge their phone, stay longer and spend more if they can charge and importantly, are more likely to leave a venue if they cannot charge their phone.

Other findings included:

  • One in ten consumers wanted to charge their devices in public venues at least once per day, and that they were willing to spend money to do so.

  • 38% of people said that no having a charging cable was the biggest barrier to them charging their phone in public, more so even that not being able to find a place to charge.

  • Half of people who own a device capable of wireless charging say that they would be more likely to visit a venue that offered it as a service.