Breaking New Ground

It's been a huge week for Chargifi. Not only have we kicked off over in New York on the Tech Stars Accelerator, we have also been charting new territory technologically.

We are delighted to announce that Chargifi has joined the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) to help in the adoption of Rezence™ technology, the de-facto standard for resonant-based wireless charging.

Rezence technology turns almost any surface into a wireless charging surface capable of powering any Rezence-enabled mobile device. We think this is rather neat and are proud to be a part of this important, collaborative group.

To kick off this relationship, Charlie and Peter were privileged to join the (A4WP) at their summit in Belgium.

A semi-conductor factory in the middle of Belgium might not immediately appear to be a hive of creativity, however this week it was full of some of the smartest industrial product designers in the world. It was amazing m to be a part of this community and explore how Chargifi can work with industry players to bring this exciting technology to all smartphone users.

We have an ambitious goal - to liberate all smartphone users by putting Chargifi Spots wherever their is a phone signal, giving power to people when and where they need it most.

To do this requires amazing partners in countries all over the world. It requires a strong R&D team making sure our software and applications are best in class, and it requires developing the best wireless charging transmitters on a standard with enough bandwidth to stand the test of time. For Chargifi, the capability of Rezence will make this a reality.

We were thrilled to be so warmly welcomed to the A4WP and their incredible member network; we believe that our integrated, consumer-facing solution adds a unique and important new element to the group and look forward to working as part of the global team.

For more info on A4WP and Rezence please visit

Charlie Cannell - Co Founder & Chairman

Charlie Cannell - Co Founder & Chairman

Why Rezence?