#5 Did you know? 6 Chargifi integrations for touchless meeting experiences

  • Author Jono van Deventer, Head of Product

Blog Series – #5 Did You Know? June 2020

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Chargifi’s Wireless Charging Spots are a great addition to your meeting rooms. Together with our integration partners, we bring seamless, touchless meeting room experiences to your workplace. As well as providing convenient power to your employees, the charging spots also act as digital triggers for smart meeting experiences. In a post Covid-19 world, touchless, seamless experiences are going to come the norm and the expectation from employees. Here are 6 Chargifi integrations you need to know about:

Enabling a safer, touchless meeting experience

With the Chargifi + Zoom Rooms Integration, you can automatically trigger Zoom Rooms video calls in meeting rooms by simply placing your phone on a Chargifi Spot. Chargifi locates the correct meeting to join, and leaves the meeting too – ensuring a fully seamless meeting room experience.


With Robin Rooms + Chargifi Spots, you can book meeting rooms simply by placing your phone on a Chargifi Spot. Chargifi Cloud automatically books the room if it is free, cleaned and safe to use, while ensuring that meeting room usage is tracked and updated in real-time in Robin. Users no longer need to book meeting rooms on the fly – it can be all done via the Chargifi Spot.


With Teem Rooms + Chargifi Spots, you can book and check-in to Teem meeting rooms simply by placing your phone on a Chargifi Spot. Safe, touchless check-in means that you don’t have to interact with any equipment in or outside the meeting room.


Chargifi’s calendar integration works with both Google Calendar and Microsoft 365, allowing employees to book meeting rooms on the fly simply by placing your phone on a Chargifi Spot in the room. If the meeting room is available, Chargifi Cloud will automatically create a new meeting in your calendar and booked for a customisable time period – enabling a efficient, spontaneous booking process for all your meeting rooms.


If you’ve deployed Aruba Meridian – the most advanced indoor turn-by-turn navigation out there – you’ll be able to add Chargifi Spots to your Meridian maps to get turn-by-turn directions to available Chargifi Spots deployed in your meeting rooms. Chargifi Spot status is automatically updated when in use, directly onto the Meridian maps.

Blog Series #5 Did You Know? Jun 2020
View full blog series here

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