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As such, we have taken our first steps into a wireless world that not only eliminates cables but presents a new currency, and the ability for brands to monetise their wireless investment by gaining unprecedented customer insight during their charging experience.

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How wireless charging is taking over the high street. Feature by The London Evening Standard

London’s baristas regularly hear the refrain, “would you mind charging my phone?”. Indeed, it’s a hazard of the job. Recent research found that people working in the capital’s cafes are asked to charge customers’ phones around 20 times a day.

Dan Bladen is changing that. His company, Chargifi, based on Chancery Lane and rapidly expanding into the US, brings wireless charging to the high street through “digital zones”. It already works with Pret A Manger and provides wireless charging hotspots for customers’ phones, tablets and laptops. Transmitters are fitted under the tables, so all you have to do is place your device on the surface to boost battery....[READ MORE]

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