Chargifi at the 2014 Wireless Power Summit

We were very excited to travel to Berkeley, California last week for the Wireless Power Summit at the historic Claremont Hotel. We spent the week catching up and digging in with every major player in the wireless charging industry, including Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung, and representatives from all of the major wireless charging standards bodies: the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), Wireless Power Consortium (Qi), and Power Matters Alliance (PMA). 

We were the official wireless charging sponsor of the event, and almost two hundred attendees were treated to a hands-on chargifi experience at fourteen tables distributed around the venue. Even at an industry-insider event, visitors were surprised to see our powerful platform in action and were very excited about the data and analytics layer we are adding to wireless power. 

With each passing month, more and more exciting things are afoot in the space. The exhibitors around us designed custom stands and cases for phones, resonating cables for charging transmitters, and hotspots for every possible integration, from homes to offices to cars. All of these new products entering the marketplace help raise the profile of wireless power to consumers and in turn increase our value proposition, as we work to make chargifi the hub for wirelessly-powered living. 

Happy Thanksgiving,


Tom Gregorio
US Director

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