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The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced that mobile devices will be banned from planes heading for the US if they are not charged. This comes as part of a heightened security program. 

TSA: Powerless devices will not be permitted onboard the aircraft. The traveler may also undergo additional screening.”


 The Daily Telegraph Front Page

The Daily Telegraph Front Page

This story, which has been featured on the front page of the BBC & The Telegraph has already attracted global attention as airports look to respond and find a way to best serve passengers travelling to the United States.

According to the TSA, if your phone isn’t charged before leaving for a US-bound flight, you may risk having your device confiscated.

With plane tickets, entertainment, navigation and now payments all packed into today’s smartphones it’s never been more important to have access to power.

Latest reports from passengers in the US reveal that those with flat mobile phones are being re-directed to rooms with charging units in. Only once phones are charged to 25% are they allowed to go through security. Some airlines are even checking the power status of passenger’s phones at the departure gate.

Whilst security will always remain the number one priority this is yet another hoop to jump through as you journey through a terminal. With Chargifi set to launch in several airports in the UK, Ireland & United Arab Emirates later this year, at least you won’t need to worry about bringing your charging cable.

Never has it been more important to have your phone fully charged.

 Dan Bladen Founder

Dan Bladen Founder

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