chargifi launching in India

Chargifi launching in India

Whether you’re a teenager or in your 50s, the idea of having your phone charge by simply placing it on a surface definitely has a ‘cool’ factor to it. This is just the beginning of what the Chargifi solution offers. We are extremely excited to bring this solution to the approximate 100 million smartphone users of India!

Although concentrated in supercities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, the nation’s total population of 1.2b shows that the current usage is only the tip of the iceberg. India is therefore identified as the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. This large potential also comes with its fair share of challenges. India is a unique market in almost every way, including logistics, demographics and customer behavioural patterns, but we believe that challenges are what make the journey even more thrilling. 

The initial reaction with prospective venues about the product and its capabilities has been promising. Chargifi is an ever growing service, and we will continue to constantly update our spiel every few months to accommodate the new features that it brings to the table.

At 8% battery, when you launch the Chargifi app, and realise that you are surrounded by Chargifi venues, it will be a sense of great relief. Delivering that feeling, is what we at Chargifi India are most excited about.

Ishaan Mehta – Chargifi India

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