Launching Chargifi Dubai // British Embassy GREAT Week

We are excited to announce that we will be officially launching the Chargifi Dubai office as part of Britain’s GREAT week, hosted by the British Embassy on 16th March 2014. GREAT weeks give UK businesses the opportunity to showcase new products around the world and this latest event will be an exhibition of GREAT British products being launched in the Middle East.

We are honoured to be invited by the British Embassy to exhibit alongside some of Britain’s tops brands.

WiFi fundamentally changed the way we use our laptops, tablets and phones. Today we don’t even consider plugging in our devices in coffee shops, restaurants & hotels to connect to the internet. There is still one cable to be cut – the power cable.

Chargifi, is aiming to do for power, what WiFi has done for data, cutting the final cord in what is otherwise a truly wireless society.

Chargifi has started to create an international network enabling people to wirelessly charge their mobile devices in coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, offices and other public spaces. The Chargifi-network is a smart mesh network of wireless charging transmitters providing a platform for venues to monetise and interact with their customers in real time.

Chargifi users no longer need to carry around battery packs or charging cables. Simply download our app for iOS or Android to find your nearest Chargifi venue.

Founded in summer 2013, Chargifi already has installations in the UK, Ireland & Dubai and has plans to launch into 5 more countries before the end of 2014. We are delighted to be launching at such a prestigious event as GREAT week which is a perfect fit for Chargifi’s application of advanced technology and a GREAT platform to promote British talent in this field.

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