Free WiFi Across the Whole of the EU by 2020…but it only solves half the problem.

The EU Commission has vowed to bring free WiFi access to all EU countries between 2020 and 2025. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission, mentioned the plan last week as part of his annual State of the Union address, during which he also outlined proposals to abolish roaming fees and install 5G connectivity. The €120 million initiative will fund the deployment of WiFi across parks, libraries and other public spaces…

Juncker said“We propose to equip every European village and every city with free wireless internet access around the main centres of public life by 2020 … Digital technologies and digital communications are permeating every aspect of life. All they require is access to high-speed internet. We need to be connected. Our economy needs it. People need it.” 

This is such great news; more connectivity = more possibility. However, it only solves half of the problem. Many people’s problem and the one that Chargifi is looking to solve is not connectivity – it is power, simply staying charged. If you’re like me, the dreaded red battery icon is part of my everyday experience. Since the iPhone 1, processing speed has increased by over 5000% but battery capacity in real terms has only increased by around 30-40%. 

In much of the developed world the connectivity problem has been solved with the near ubiquitous presence of WiFi and the advent of 3G and 4G. Many people don’t even need to be connected to public WiFi anymore because of the prevalence of fast cellular connections.

Five years ago coffee shops, restaurants and other public spaces used WiFi to attract people to their locations. In 2016, with the ubiquitous nature of great cell coverage, WiFi no longer has the same pull factor. The connectivity problem has, by and large, been solved. WiFi has become a de facto utility in the same way as heating and electricity.

In the last decade – coffee found it’s place outside of the home as Starbucks focussed their brand on creating Third Place’ experiences–not your home and not your office. As more and more people work on the go, travel, and drive their electric vehicles, power out of the home is becoming a crucial need for the mobile and connected generation.

Power is the foundation that fuels every experience. Everyone and everything needs power.

Power is the most important ingredient in today’s digital economy, it is the foundational building block on which all digital activities rely. Without power, you don’t get connectivity. 

Chargifi provides businesses with the tools to meet their customer’s most crucial need – power.

At Chargifi we’re just starting to deploy our wireless power network and in the last 30 days we’ve had over 1200 Chargifi sessions with an average charging time of 23 minutes. People’s attitudes to power are changing – our data shows that people are ‘snacking’ on power when they have the chance. Chargifi is also improving customer experience and driving foot traffic; one of our coffee shop partners in Singapore has reported foot traffic increasing later in the day as customer’s phones go into the 3pm-6pm ‘red-zone’. This is great news for coffee shops – Chargifi is providing the ‘pull factor’ in what are traditionally quieter times of the day for these businesses.

I completely agree with Juncker when he says; “We need to work for a Europe that empowers our citizens and our economy.” However, this only solves half the problem. More connectivity in public places = more people seeking power in public places. Enter Chargifi. 

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Dan Bladen
Co-Founder & CEO – Chargifi

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