From Seed to Funding

A Note from Dan:
From Seed to Funding

What a great week…!

I am excited to announce that we have raised funds from a wide range of individual investors and organisations to grow our operations in the UK and internationally. Not only that but we have also appointed Brett Akker (Co-Founder of Streetcar and LOVESPACE) and Robyn Scott (Co-Founder of OneLeap) to our board as non-executive directors.

We were blown away by the interest we received for this round and are delighted with the investors that we have been able to attract. They will be adding great value to our team and have a fantastic record of founding and growing successful businesses.

 Brett Akker Brett Akker

“I’m delighted to be joining the Chargifi team as a Non-Exec Director. The achievements over the past few months since launch have been astounding and I’m looking forward to working with Dan and the team in building a fantastic, global brand and service”
Brett Akker – Founder of Streetcar & LOVESPACE

In November last year Chargifi launched in the UK, Ireland & Dubai. Since then we have received recognition from the British Cabinet Office, won The MAKE Innovation Award and received endorsement from the European Golf and ATP Tours for providing Chargifi at their events.

“Chargifi is a great example of Great British Innovation.”
British Cabinet Office UKTI

What’s Next?
Chargifi publically launched in December 2013 and, after four months of revisions to our technology, we will be launching a large update to the network in May 2014 including a suite of new mobile applications.

We will also soon be announcing plans to launch the Chargifi network into more countries by the summer. It’s an exciting time.

Look out for Chargifi spots in coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, trains, stadiums, hair salons, gyms, taxis, universities, airports and your venue..?!

To complete a truly fantastic week my wife gave birth to the latest member of the Chargifi team in the form of our first daughter!

See you soon,

 Dan Bladen - Founder Dan Bladen – Founder

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