Hold onto your seats: wireless power is about to take flight

Whether travelling by train, plane or automobile – the potential for wireless power to improve the passenger experience is enormous. Mobile devices are at the centre of our world and people now expect to access their mobile services everywhere and anywhere – we’re entering a new era of wireless power which offers a number of opportunities for both those traveling and the wider travel sector.

As well as the obvious benefits to help travellers stay connected throughout their journey, our wireless power solution also has the ability to gather unique and rich data from travellers as they use it, allowing travel brands to understand exactly where their customers are at on a micro level.

This means travel brands are able to use wireless charging spots to pinpoint exactly where users are in an airport or on a train – opening up a whole host of possibilities like in-seat ordering of food from restaurants or on-board retail outlets. With passengers in such close proximity, it’s this level of insight that maximises on conversation rates. Brands can communicate directly with those powering their devices and offer them unique, personalised communication that targets passengers where they stand in an airport lounge or train station.

This specialist communication is promising to escalate and improve travel brands’ loyalty programmes. We collect location-based data that brands can then use to personalise customers’ travel experiences – whether that’s when they are shopping in duty free, waiting on a station platform, or standing beside an on-board cruise retail store. This data can also be connected into mobile wallets to keep travellers engaged.

Combine these insights with existing data travel brands have on their users within CRM systems – including where passengers are traveling to and from, or even their unique traveller habits – and suddenly a sector of constantly transitioning consumers becomes accessible. Brands are able to provide travel updates in real time based on where the consumer currently is, accompanied by relevant, highly contextual promotions, such as parking options or on-board menu offers. These insights might also involve calculating someone’s journey map to their gate and perhaps items purchased at duty free last time they were at the airport. Brands can offer the consumers additional value by letting them know how far their gate is from their current location or providing food vouchers via a travel app when a delay comes around.

“Looking at mobile, nowadays the smartphone is the de facto unifying technology in providing a connected, end-to-end experience. Almost every passenger is clutching or wearing some form of smart device as their ‘passport’ to a digitally-driven travel experience.” Air Transport IT Review

Over the coming years, wireless power technology will improve operational efficiencies and the overall experience (and ease) for passengers, across the board. The possibilities for wireless power to improve the customer experience in an age where brands must supply hyper-relevant interaction with their consumer base is huge.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the opportunities that wireless power can bring, please contact our sales team on sales@chargifi.com or +44 (0) 20 3735 8784.

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