Thursday Is The New Friday To Recharge This Spring

It’s long been suspected, but new data from wireless charging company Chargifi confirms that Thursday is indeed the new Friday. Analysing a data set of 10,000 charging sessions since the beginning of this year, the company has identified that 3pm on a Thursday is the busiest day of the week when it comes to re-charging our batteries.

OnePoll research commissioned by Chargifi has demonstrated that ‘Battery Anxiety’ is at its peak when it comes to our social lives; with most people charging up devices on a Thursday afternoon, prior to the rest of the evening’s activities. Indeed, one in five of us (22%) say that the worst time to run out of battery is on the way to meet our friends and family, with 19% saying it is when we are travelling abroad or to a meeting.

Being ‘charged up’ is clearly critical to a night on the town with almost half of people (44%) saying wireless charging should be made an amenity in public spaces, taking precedence over bottomless drinks and cloakrooms.

Chargifi gives venues such as coffee shops, bars, hotels and work spaces, the ability to offer customers a free wireless charging service for their devices. The company was born after its CEO and Co-Founder, Dan Bladen, went travelling for six months and found many of the places he visited weren’t set up to let him charge his devices, leaving him cut off from the outside world.

Dan Bladen comments, “People rely on their devices for everything today, from organising their social life to managing their working day, so providing convenient power whenever and wherever people need it is what we do.

We’ve all seen how Dell is incorporating wireless charging technology into their latest laptop. Wireless charging is a necessity in venues and workspaces across the country – this data demonstrates the importance of providing convenient power whether you’re looking to engage more customers or improve employees’ productivity.”

Adam Blaskey, CEO at The Clubhouse, London’s leading business club agrees “We installed Chargifi at The Clubhouse because we wanted to create an inspirational, productive, space for our clients to meet and work. With an average charging time of 45 minutes we can see that for our members and visitors, charging as an absolute necessity to a productive environment.”


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