Working on-the-go? Wireless Charging for Laptops is on its way..

Leading PC and semiconductor manufacturers including Dell, Lenovo, STMicroelectronics are joining forces to further the evolution of wireless charging for laptops. Working as members of The Airfuel Alliance, these companies have created a task force to encourage all laptop manufacturers to embed resonant technology into their products (including laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrids). The goal is to deliver higher power wireless charging at lower cost.

Lets hear what the task force had to say:

    “Together, we have a great opportunity to speed the development of wireless charging for PCs,” said Ron Resnick, AirFuel Alliance chairman and resident. “At AirFuel, we want wireless charging to be pervasive in public venues. To accomplish that we need resonant technology, as it enables higher power, high efficiency and spatial freedom, which drives a better user experience. The goal of this task force is to make sure these fundamental benefits are incorporated into consumer devices as quickly and easily as possible to deliver on the promise of a truly wireless world.”

    Dell VP of Client Technology and Architecture, Ajay Kwatra added, “By working with our fellow PC manufacturers in the AirFuel Alliance we’ll be able to support a positive user experience in corporate work spaces, public venues and homes.  This requires the capability to deliver higher power for charging, at up to hundred watts, and we think resonant technology is well positioned to get us there while delivering a great user experience.”

    Lenovo lead-user research has shown that customers want simpler ways to make home, work and public places smarter and more accessible,” said Luis Hernandez, VP of PC & Smart Devices Integrated Development Center, Lenovo.  “Wireless charging will offer greater cable independence and allow superior freedom of movement. Lenovo is delighted to help launch this task force with the prime goal of further improving the personalized computing experience for customers.”

    “Our goal at STMicroelectronics is to give manufacturers the building blocks to create the next generation of exceptional consumer experiences today — and that includes wireless charging,” said Matteo Lo Presti, Vice President and GM, Analog in the Analog and MEMS Group, STMicroelectronics.  “We’re excited to be part of this new AirFuel task force to help drive the adoption of wireless charging and let consumers ‘cut the cords’ worldwide.”

We are fully aligned with the sentiment of the Alliance and this task force – Chargifi’s recent consumer research found that 52% of adults struggle with ‘battery anxiety’ at least once a week, with 22% of adults experiencing an ‘attack’ between 3-10 times per week. We work with public venues to improve their customer experience by providing networked, wireless charging. Working with AirFuel to provide best-in-class wireless charging technology allows us to support our venues in meeting the needs of their consumers today and in the future.

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