Talking ‘state of the wireless charging market’ with IHS Markit

Wireless charging technology adoption has gained pace and devices with wireless charging capability now make up almost all of the smartphones sold in the market today. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Dan Bladen and Dinesh Kithany, Lead Industry Analyst in Wireless Power and Power Supply at IHS Markit sat down to discuss the state of the wireless charging market, the growth in the industry over the last few years and where we will be in the next few years – check out the interview and some of the key takeaways below!

The state of wireless charging market

Wireless charging market is growing at an explosive rate and we’re expecting to see:

Where are we going with the wireless charging technology?

Discussions on how the future of wireless charging is evolving not just for phones, but how it moving fast through wearables, laptop, tablets and beyond. Putting a new technology feature like wireless charging in your phone now is creating an expectation for this feature in other portable devices such as smart watches, earphones, tablets, kitchen appliances and soon enough – laptops by 2021 according to reliable sources!

The demand for wireless charging in public spaces

As more and more receivers are put in the hands of consumers, growth is expected in the transmitters market as well. In this segment, we discussed the need for wireless charging in public spaces and the benefits of wireless charging as a service that businesses can offer their customers.

According to a recent survey done by Wireless Power Consortium, consumers are increasingly interested in wireless charging and want to see wireless chargers in public spaces like hotels, restaurants and stadiums. Our recent Workplace Experience Report also revealed that 50% of employees expect wireless charging in their workplace. This demand gives forward-thinking businesses an opportunity to monetise on power – a critical foundation to a great user experience!

Where in the world has wireless charging gained the most traction?

We are seeing a much faster growth and adoption with the receivers market in Asia, mainly led by innovative phone manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei pushing boundaries with the wireless charging technology and on the consumer side, driven by a very strong mobile-first culture in the region.

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