#7 Did you know – Why Chargifi should be a part of your return-to-work plan?

Blog Series – #7 Did You Know? Nov 2020
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The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we view working. During the pandemic, many companies have been forced to implement strategies for flexible working. Companies that previously hadn’t thought this to be possible, are starting to see the benefits of flexible working. It is now of increased importance to make the most of real estate and support social distancing with smarter and more efficient desk management. In this article we’ll be building upon those themes, and explain how we can support your organization to make flexible working seamless.

What makes Chargifi unique?

Many desk and booking management solutions claim to enable the safe return to the workplace for employees. So what makes Chargifi unique?

Chargifi’s unique blend of hardware and software allows you to gather metrics and data on your employees, their behaviours, and their actions to help better understand usage, movements, and trends over time in a non-intrusive way.

These sorts of metrics are normally gathered by investing in expensive sensors to track data that often has to be paired with a desk management solution. Chargifi provides a superior level of tracking and analytics integrated into the hardware and associated software. These data can help you optimise your spaces to reduce traffic, identify peak activity, ensure social distancing, and allow for easier management of your employees.

Chargifi LightRing also gather data in real time as they interact with employees devices, as employees check-in or move around the office. Our technology allows you to track the entire history of a desk and its bookings, spot user trends, and allow you to make informed decisions on how best to manage your employees, rooms, spaces, desks, and real estate strategy.

How it works

At Chargifi we understand that safety is vital and are fully focused on delivering a seamless return to safe in-person collaboration. There are a number of considerations workplace leaders must make to ensure the safe return of their employees. Here are just a few of the key areas we can help you with:

Touchless desk check-in & reservation

To enable a safe, effective flexible working environment, employees should be able to find and reserve a space to work ahead of time, or when they arrive for the day.

By simply placing their device down to charge on a Chargifi LightRing they can automatically and seamlessly book and check-in to that space. As LightRings are used by employees across the office, more data and insights can be gathered into employee behaviour and movement.

Desk management for cleaning and faster desk turnaround

With the shift to flexible working in a post-Covid workplace, businesses will need an intuitive way to help employees identify available desks for safe use. With the help of the Chargifi LightRing, employees can see by glancing at the LightRings across the office which desks are available:


Desk being cleaned, fob placed on LightRing to turn it from red to green and mark it as clean

Social distancing measures

With the need for social distancing in mind, many businesses will have to rethink their real estate strategies. Chargifi’s real-time floor plan view shows how spaces are being used with regard to social distancing and office capacity. Knowing where people have been sitting in your spaces indicates which areas need more cleaning and have the highest density of traffic.

Employees can have peace of mind knowing they are able to book socially distanced desks, along with a clear, concise way to identify their reserved desk, and how to find their desk in a large building or office. They can also be assured that they will have a safe working environment with no concerns about hygiene.

Space management & analytics

Real-time space usage and management for Chargifi Spots will add another level of accuracy to your desk occupancy data to optimize your workspaces to reduce traffic, identify peak activity and allow for easier management of your employees.

At Chargifi we’re working hard to deliver a safe, seamless return for your employees, with our all-in-one solution to ensure your workspace is as efficient as it can be. Not only does Chargifi bring power to your devices, it now brings power to your company strategies. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on what we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

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